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Wed, Sept. 18

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Howell case boosts

constitutional intent


I was pleased to read the front-page story about Judge Janis Sterling tossing out all the evidence in the case against Robert Howell.

The Prescott Area Narcotics Task Force really needed to hear her rather harsh words about the illegal actions of its officers. It is an excellent reminder that we do have constitutional rights in America.

It seemed obvious to me, a layman, from news reports of this case that Mr. Howell did only what any reasonable person might do to protect him/herself and his family. The fact that Mr. Howell put down his pistol after only one shot when he realized it was the police breaking down his door made it rather obvious he had no intent to harm the police officers. I am still amazed as to how this case even got to this point.

I commend Judge Sterling for upholding the Constitution and hope the pending civil lawsuits result in monetary awards sufficient to cover the likely expensive attorney fees Mr. Howell incurred and help compensate him for the stress and disruption this arrest caused in his life.

I hope they will also dissuade the police and the Yavapai County Attorney's Office from future intrusions on the civil liberties of local citizens and over-zealous prosecutions. I don't know Mr. Howell and have never met him, but I'm happy for him.

John Broughton

Prescott Valley

Reader appreciates

the editorial balance


Congratulations! The Daily Courier's Aug. 9 editorial page shows that your newspaper is capable of balanced editorial comment. That day's editorial recognized shabby campaign tactics against John Kerry despite the paper's very evident leaning toward George Bush.

This edition of the newspaper also printed an editorial cartoon recognizing the downside of thoughtless real estate development. Rubber-stamping developer plans can go a long way toward destroying Prescott's desirability as a place to live. Our town needs to fit real estate development into its unique geographic and cultural heritage, and adhere to its general plan. 

The Daily Courier can indeed contribute to responsible debate on local and national issues. Most important, you may be starting to recognize that parroting your ideology and loyalties to business interests, as well as making sophomoric, ad hominem comments about those who hold opposing views does little to further Prescott's future.

Susan Lorant


Those residential

care homes excel


Angie, by now you probably know the difference between an adult day care and a residential care home.

Yes, Angie, there are laws. For one the Federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination, in this case, of the elderly.

Don't they deserve the best? A beautiful house, in a beautiful neighborhood? Residential care homes are wonderful alternatives to larger nursing homes. There is less traffic, most residents don't drive, there are no loud parties, and they are well maintained. The state regulates and licenses care homes. Set up a time for a tour to see what great neighbors they are.

Mike Kenyon


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