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Fri, March 22

I had a (tennis) dream; we need rain, but ...

I had a dream the other night and I believe we need to change a few things around here in Prescott, with a slant on tennis naturally.

Let's start with making it a requirement that anyone buying a or renting a residence in the Prescott area must have taken at least a one semester course in tennis, or the equivilent in clinics and must be rated a 3.0 level before being accepted into the area. Applications could be picked up at the City Hall and a tennis committee would give approval to and interview all applicants.

You'd have to be able to keep score, know the basic rules and regulations of tennis, code of conduct, how to put up a wind screen, squeegie a court, know that snow removal is attemped with only a plastic edged shovel and that all other questions are directed to Tennis Czar, George Reynolds.

That each new subdivision that is given approval through planning and zoning has a quota of tennis courts that must be met, based on number of units to be sold. Say, one court for every 30 units. The courts must be built of tensioned reinforced concrete for low maintenance and have a tennis pro on hand to set up programs and make sure things are coordinated and run smoothly.

If you wish to stay in Prescott you have to be a card-carrying member of the Prescott Area Tennis Association, with active participation in weekly tennis functions, not to mentions sitting on at least one committee. If you fail to show activity, you're bannished….back to California, or worse.

You're prayers at night are to include the current top tennis professional, that they stay healthy, and put on great tennis matches for us to watch, especially at the majors.

The inside of your home must show some type of tennis art work, pictures, at the least an old wood racquet hung above the mantel.

Hey, I'm serious.

If you have children, they must be named after former tennis players that have become important in the history of the game. And they must start tennis by the age of three. Left handers are given a special status because they are rare. By the fifth grade they will go to school half the day and be in special tennis programs the rest of the day.

Prescott will be known far and wide for more than just, "Everybodys HomeTown.", it will be renamed "Prescottennis…renowned for the greatest tennis players for all ages and all levels.

The former slogan, "Softball Capital of the World" and "YC Soccer Dynesty" will be played down for the "Tennis Capital of the Universe."

A new major will be put together and played here right after the US Open known as the World Tennis Championships. The new stadium built at the old fair grounds will be state of the art, retractable roof, and 15 surrounding courts.

A special retirement subdivision will be subsidised for former tour standouts, who will use their worldly knowledge and experience to set better and better standards for tennis here and in every country. Prescott will become the mecca for the greatest sport to ever be instituted.

Next to Bucky O'Neil on the square will be a new statue of the founder of modern tennis, Major Walter Wingfield and a new building built at Sharlott Hall Museum…just for all the new tennis history in our area to be viewed and studied. The library will have a large section designaed just for tennis materials.

The criteria for electing local political positions will depend in a major way in what their tennis views are. A new sales tax and special impact fees will go directly to help upkeep tennis facilities and programs that are the life-blood and essence of all the people now living in Prescott.

"You can dream can't you?"

"Rained Out Events-Rescheduled"

We needed the rain, so there's no complaining here-just a little rescheduling. I forgot the Senior Olympics tennis is to begin this Friday evening, so our "Beat the Heat Doubles will be rescheduled for Saturday, July 31st from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Roughrider Tennis Center. It is an A-B & C doubles round robin tournament. The cost is $15.00 per person. Call 445-1331 to sign up and remember it's open to only the first 16 teams.

The "Century Tournament", where your combined ages must add up to 100 years or more (if less than 30 considered 30) has a changed date as well. Now scheduled for Saturday, August 7 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Old people need to play in the light of day-me included.) Sign up with a partner by calling 445-1331...

Lleyton turned 3 Sunday ….does time fly or what?

Chris Howard is a UPSTA Tennis Professional with over 30 years in the racquet and fitness industry. He can be reached at 445-1331 or


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