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Mon, Jan. 27

Family says early goodbye to cousin<BR>

A branch of our family tree is a bit broken this week with the untimely and unexpected passing of my cousin Jerome Meyers. Among the many loved ones he left behind are the two Debbies Meyers. His Mom, my Aunt Debbie; and his wife, always referred to affectionately as "Little Debbie." The ship set sail before any of us expected it, but nonetheless ... bon voyage, J'ome. Vaya con Dios.

It is good to have Esther Abbey home again, making our little corner of Cordes Lakes complete. And I am sure all of the domino players are equally happy to see her. While Esther was away, a realtor placed a "For Sale" sign in front of her house. It was placed there in error, but probably stood less than an hour before friends and neighbors alerted the realtor, and the sign was quickly removed and placed on the proper property on another street. We weren't about to see Esther's house sold while her back was turned! Good neighbors are a blessing, and Esther is one of the best.

Legion news from Ron Johnson: On August 25th the Cordes Lakes Memorial American Legion Post 122 conducted their second Flag burning Ceremony at Past Commander Jack Papke's home. At this ceremony the Legion Officers ceremoniously burned 113 torn, tattered and faded American Flags. Since the information appeared in the Big Bug regarding the red, white and blue American Flag collection barrels at the three locations in the Big Bug area the public has responded overwhelmingly. We plan to continue this service as long as Marty's Video Junction, Blue Hills Market Spring Valley and The Mayer Chamber of Commerce will have us.

A special note. One flag in the Blue Hills Barrel had a note pinned to it. It read, "This is the flag that draped my dearly beloved husband's coffin and flew over our home until it became unserviceable. Please take it and burn it with a prayer. I know he would want it that way." The Chaplain did say that prayer for the deceased Veteran before the flag was dropped into the fire.

Thank you folks of the Big Bug area for responding to our call. Because of you we put 113 American Flags to rest that flew in honor over this great country of ours and needed a proper departure.

A gremlin came to our house the other day. Not to worry; he was a good gremlin. He left on our doorstep a bag of assorted eyeglasses. I guess it's time for the Cordes Lakes kids to get in touch with the Lions again - the collection has grown. Thank you, good gremlin, whoever you are. The neighbor kids tell us you drive a blue and white pick-up, and have been here before; but that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot.

Heidi should be impressed this week; it has been "awhile" since I got my column in so early. But Thor and his friend L'il Lightning (such a striking couple!) have been playing hob with my 'puter time, and I figured better safe than sorry. So any late-breaking items will appear here next week, and meanwhile let's all appreciate the blessed rain that has finally fallen on our parched earth. For awhile the scattered drops were like sprinkling the rocks in a sauna; just added steam without dropping the temperature significantly. But now monarchs have joined the hummers at the trumpet vines, the forty shades of green are again discernible, and doesn't the clean desert smell delightful?

(Peggy Swycaffer is a longtime Cordes Lakes resident. Reach her at

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