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Wed, Oct. 23

Boo Doubles results; new look at PHS

It was scary, it was dark and our normal tennis players were dressed up in Halloween costumes for this special "Boo Doubles" tournament.

In the C division, Peter Stevens and Sallyann Ofner defeated Sir (Dana Wingate) Agassi and Dazzling Dot (Audry Mae) 5-3 to win the top "Unusual Prizes." Semi-finalists were Mary Curran and Doug Perkins/Steve and Monica Irwin, better known that night as Sonny and Cher.

Newcomers, Billy Bilbray and Cathryn Spaulding eveidently came as tennis players as they bull-dozed the B division finals 5-0 over angel and devil Sheila Polk and Esther Brown. Semi-finalists were Kelli/Tyler, vampires Matt and Nate, and Arizona beach bunnies Roselee and Cheryl.

It was a Cananea A division play-off, with father Rico Cananea and partner Joe Morales winning a tough championship 5-4 (2) over Steven Polk and Julienne Cananea. Brian Bucholtz and Patrick Cananea, Diamondback Lonnie Morgan and nurse Selina were semi-finalists.

Costume winners were: Esther Brown/devil-Sheila Polk-angel, Dana Wingate-Sir Agassi-Audry Mae-Dazzeling Dot, Marty Otting-Mr. Clown and Susan Howery-the beautiful Marilyn. Honorable mention went to Tom and Mary Polite….they came as themselves and did quite a good job with their costumes.

The next one-day tournament is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 23 at 10 a.m., Fall Singles…with A-B and C catagories. Call 445-1331 to enter.

"PHS Tennis Courts-Have New Look"

If you haven't noticed already, the six tennis courts at Prescott High School on Ruth Street have been improved with twenty foot corner fences put in. Now when you hit a wide serve or corner shot, your ball will not go down three courts from where you're playing.

Tennis professional Bernie Adam was largely responsible for getting this improvement done. He raised money through donations (clinics) as well as enlisting the help of getting a grant from the USTA. The total amount of money came to around $5,000.

Maybe the next tennis agenda item will be to have the City of Prescott set aside land and money from recreational impact fees to build a new tennis facility out at Pioneer Park or Willow Lake in the near future.

We all know how preplanning these type of facilities take the monetary sting out of crisis management.

"Fan Threats-Cheering and Sports"

In the world of sports, professional, college, high school and even at younger levels, the will to win is sometimes taken out of context. We'd all like to win everything we do, but that isn't reality.

But that isn't what this couple paragraphs is about. It's about playing comeptitively without the worry of winning or losing. It's about parents, family, friends and fans that come out to watch the sport being played and cheering their team on, but not getting too ugly in what they say during that sports endeavor.

When you're sitting next to someone and they say something awful about the person you came to watch, it's pretty tough to just sit there and take it, not to mention the player on the field who is most likely just trying to do their best.

I guess that's why they put teams on opposite sides of the field, but even then you hear some fans giving their own players more verbal garbage than you might imagine.

When it gets taken to the next degree, where a fan calls a player by phone and threatens them with bodily harm, then that is over the edge….and for what reason, to intimidate the player, to truly want to hurt them, I just don't get it.

If you are one of these type of people who put down and yell words into the air that are hurtful, you probably aren't even aware of how awful you're making someone else feel, and maybe you even think it's okay to do this. But if the league coordinators, announcers, coaches, and players make known what is acceptable conduct by all involved throughout each season, just maybe everyone can enjoy the hard work and solid play that each sport and player has to offer, and in a manner that it was intended.

Chris Howard is a local USPTA Tennis Professional with over 30 years in the racquet and fitness industry. He can be reached at 445-1331 or

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