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10:12 AM Sat, Feb. 16th
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Reader questions columnist's political views

Our nation's priorities are out of whack. After whiny editorializing on Sunday, Oct. 19, Ron Barnes' editorial column took the cake! Barnes was just too much emotional liberal whining to let pass. Ron is a leftist who refuses to let facts get in the way of his emotional political viewpoint.

As to "why do we tolerate poverty and homelessness in the midst of so much wealth?" I say to Ron that while some work 80 hours a week without a union contract in hopes of building a successful business (without guarantees), your homeless/poverty people refuse education, have children out of wedlock and lie around all day blaming white Republicans for all their problems.

"Tax cuts for the wealthy (earn over $37,500 a year and you're wealthy) and corporations." Ron, these are the people and businesses that "work" and create wealth you liberals want to spend on the welfare state. The more welfare and government social spending, the more dollars people give up in the form of higher taxation, and the more people the welfare "rocking chair" attracts.

"Money for safety and social problems cut." Ron, this is not true. These programs have not grown smaller, but have increased. Also, family values and the religious right support the value of the power within the individual to overcome adversity in America with a "can do" attitude. Liberals like you, Ron, encourage dependency on government programs. These programs grow and turn a "safety net into a hammock" and also add a new layer of government bureaucracy that never goes away; it just absorbs more of our tax dollars.

Yes, Ron, there are good and bad guys. Thankfully, George W. Bush was our president when 9/11/01 shocked our country. Those were "bad guys," Ron, and we responded as "good guys" are supposed to. "Why do Americans think we are morally superior to other countries?" Well, our government IS morally superior to the repressive and dictatorial governments of the world.

Finally, Ron, as an educator, I would like to know why public education in America, superior in the 1950s and '60s, is now near the worst in the free world? I suggest the war on poverty and liberal government/labor union-led education programs, among the most expensive in the world, have eliminated true education in our schools. In its place is social engineering, feel-good, politically correct, value-neutral opinions of a socialist bureaucracy. Ron Barnes, stop your whining and open your computer's search engine beyond and maybe, just maybe, you will see the failed past of liberal government programs.

(Tom Steele, of Prescott Valley, is a semi-retired businessman and political activist for limited government.)


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