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Wed, Oct. 23

Hitler is alive and well, rather, his legacy is...

He won't go away! Adolf Hitler made anti-Semitism a keystone of his propaganda and policies as he built the Nazi Party into a mass movement.

He hoped to conquer the world, and instituted sterilization and euthanasia measures to enforce his idea of racial purity among German people and caused the slaughter of millions of Jews, gypsies, Slavic peoples, and many others, all of whom he considered inferior.

Inferior? Another way to look at that is "of lesser value."

Imagine that – something, say, a human who is of lesser value. Not wanted. Undesirable.

Fast-forward to exactly 30 years ago this month. The U.S. Supreme Court instituted what I call the "Hitler Factor," by approving Roe v. Wade – allowing for the extermination of unwanted babies. Or … those who are "undesirable."

Consider then, what German scientist Hans Spemann had in mind in 1938. He theorized that we could clone animals by fusing an embryo (early developing animal) with an egg cell.

It took many years and many failures, but if we are to believe the assertions of Clonaid, a company dedicated to cloning a human, that a newborn girl is a clone – then Spemann's dream has come true.

What would be true, however, is that the Hitler Factor will have come full circle – giving humans the technology to have only the babies that they desire.

Sure, Clonaid officials have backed away from allowing DNA testing of "Eve," which shoots their credibility down the tubes, so to speak, but it has truly opened Pandora's Box.

Putting aside the ethical and legal ramifications of cloning, man's obsession with living as long as possible and furthering medical advances also is at root in the cloning debate.

They call it stem-cell research – the taking of cells that are primitive, that have the ability both to multiply and to differentiate into specific kinds of cells. Stem cells hold the promise of allowing researchers to grow specialized cells or tissue, for treatment of injuries or disease.

This kind of research is controversial because the best source of stem cells is human fetal tissue. Harvesting the stem cells destroys the embryo.

Enter current umbilical cord blood research. Apparently, after 15 years in a deep freeze, researchers just this past month grew umbilical cord blood in mice. The study reports that human cord blood frozen in 1986 was able to grow in laboratory cultures with the same vigor as fresh cord blood.

When put into mice, the cells thrived in the lab animals' bone marrow.

Did you know that, while embryos contain the best stem cells, umbilical cord blood contains those wonderful building blocks as well?

Where the human race is going is a waste. We need not kill the innocent or experiment with babies.

We're not God, and we should stop playing as such!


PARTING SHOT – I can see it now … "Yes sir, I would like a boy with brown hair, who will grow to 6-feet tall …" That's right – designer babies. Hitler lives, he truly does, if "advances" continue down this road.

Think about it.

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