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Sat, Jan. 25

General plan goals overpower rural areas


Open letter to Mayor Karen Fann:

This letter is in response to the open call for opinions on why the general plan was not favored by approximately half of the community.

My personal reasons for rejecting the plan were as follows: the plan included large areas of industrial use within an area of open space and range that is the sole reason many people come to Chino Valley to begin with.

The plan projected schools placed on the east side of a nature trail that is quickly being squeezed out of our reach, and the plan was formulated without much input from the new council.

There seems to have been a recent realization that the residents of Chino Valley do care and that they have felt they were left (kept) out of the process in the past. Our general plan needs to include a general statement of intent and a goal that reflects what the majority of this town wants and needs. I am not suggesting going back to the drawing board but I am suggesting that we take a step back and look at the big picture. Many cities and towns have a mission statement, this one really needs one. Is this town bent on unsustainable growth and the loss of it's country charm or is this town going to take the path of many other successful and sought after communities that limit growth, plan ahead for it and are ready for it's consequences?

I recently donated a couple of books that go into planning better not bigger communities. I sincerely hope that you and the council will take the time to read them and seek out more references in this area. It is a matter of letting this community make the same mistakes as all of the others or to take a new path and reap the benefits.

Kim Freeman, DVM

Chino Valley

Television continues to morally decline


For those in the world who thirst for sex in any shape, way, matter or form, they should be happy to know that they will soon be able to view on their TV screen, various new and exciting erotic theater made in the U.S.A.

Coming soon: "It's all Relative," a sitcom with a homosexual couple, and cable will introduce the first lesbian-themed show, "The L-Word." Already producers are supplying worldwide a show titled, "Spike TV Pushing the Limit," which does away with all prohibitions on bad taste, foul language and general prurience. "Spike TV" is in the final stages of testing the limits of what is acceptable on basic advertiser-supported cable. If "Spike TV" is accepted and becomes a part of regular programming, a whole new and exciting world of "porno" (which is already in the can) is ready for instant release.

The producers of "porno" are not merely zeroing in on heterosexual filth, fornication, and adultery, but homosexuality and various other perversions are increasingly being promulgated in the entire genre of television and the Internet programs.

And here's what "grinds" me and that is that many professing ministers and priests of God are accepting all of this as if it were God's will. They are saying nothing!

Make no mistake, tolerance is a godly virtue, however tolerance of evil is wrong in itself! I realize that many people have a great issue with calling any action evil or sin, but this is evidence that they embrace the false premise that tolerance trumps over all other standards of behavior that God revealed to mankind in His word.

Cable television remains unregulated by the Federal Trade Commission, and is therefore, theoretically, reined in only by concerns of cable operators and advertisers so the sky is the limit, and even that won't be the end of it!

Bob Kantak

Chino Valley

America is a nation of 'bullies and hypocrites'


If America has sent any message to the rest of the world, it is that we are a nation of bullies and hypocrites. We talk of "liberating" the Iraqi people, even as we force our system of government on them. Under the guise of "homeland security," we have unfairly stigmatized an entire ethnic group, making enemies where there were none before.

Everywhere you look these days, signs and bumper stickers proclaim, "We support our troops," but the way we treat our veterans (or, with regard to medical treatment, the way we don't treat them) is a national disgrace.

We honor the victims and heroes of the 9-11 attacks with words and monuments, while our politicians shamelessly use those horrible events to erode the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

As we vow to "fight terrorism on every front," every day American citizens are violently attacked by agents of our own government, who use terrorist tactics in the so-called "war on drugs." Even as we praise ourselves as "the land of the free," over two million of us are behind bars, a per capita rate second only to Russia's.

And, with our President mouthing the words "no child left behind," social programs, which help low-income families, are cut mercilessly, and our elected officials vote themselves yet another pay increase.

Oh, no doubt the message is loud and clear.

Rita Stricker

Chino Valley

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