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Tue, June 18

Another American choice – Halloween or Harvest party on Oct. 31<BR>

People of all ages will be attending Halloween parties and Harvest parties this coming week.

What's the difference between the two parties? It's where the emphasis lies. Halloween thrives on the spooky things– witches, devils, goblins, monsters and so on. Any costume, of course, is acceptable, however, but it's the holiday revolves around the dark side of life.

Harvest party is a term someone came up with in recent years as an alternative to Halloween's evil theme. People or organizations, such as churches, who throw Harvest parties, want to remove the "evil" part of this holiday. They generally don't allow spooky costumes at their parties, in part because those costumes show an admiration of that spooky character. A church sure doesn't want to allow costumes that emulate devils, even though no one knows exactly what a devil looks like. One local church always has a costume theme to their Harvest parties. This year the theme is "Heroes."

In America, we have the right to alter thing as we see fit. Small groups of Americans across the country agreed on altering the Halloween holiday and decided to do things differently. It's that freedom to do things as we see fit that makes America great.

Halloween or Harvest – the difference may seem insignificant to most people but to the Harvest "special interest group," the right to choose it is important enough for them to make the change in their lives. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait for a Legislature to take a vote on the change. They'd still have devils at their party if they did!


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