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Tue, March 19

<b><center>Letters to the Editor</b></center>

Senior softball players thank their sponsors


Prescott Senior Softball's 2002 regular season has ended after another successful year.

The Green League Tournament championship team is Brachman Auto Body.

The Green League regular championship team is Hepburn & Associates.

The Blue League regular season championship team is Brachman Auto Body.

The Blue League Tournament championship team is Crystal Creek Homes.

As always, Prescott Senior Softball thanks our sponsors. Without them, this great recreational opportunity for seniors would not be possible.

Our sponsors are: Juniper House Restaurant, B & M Painting, Hepburn & Associates, All Star Sports Center, Golden Insurance, Bucky's Casino, Crystal Creek Homes, Papas Italian Food, Home Town Travel & Cruises, Goodwin St. Pharmacy, Morgan Stanley, Pine Cone Inn, Brachman Auto Body & York Motors.

Thank you.

John Cundiff

Prescott Senior Softball

'Stealth' a new word for vital police work


"Stealth" means "invisible" to lawbreakers. "Stealth" to law-abiding people means safety on our streets and highways. I am surprised at the lack of knowledge of all of the complainers who have written letters to the editor.

I have news for all of you folks who think it's sneaky, un-American, etc., etc. The police have been driving what you call a "stealth" car ever since man invented automobiles and made them part of police equipment. Police departments and state police all over the country use unmarked cars, plain cars, undercover cars or "stealth," whatever title you want to give them. The only thing that is new is the term "stealth." It is new to our vocabulary. The word "stealth" strikes fear in lawbreakers' minds. Law abiding citizens don't have to worry.

I would like to see 20 more "stealth" cars on the "race tracks" we call streets and highways. The law-abiding citizens of Prescott Valley and visitors in the community deserve to be safe from speeders. The same type people write their letters whenever the police are doing their jobs. If these people ever had a car stolen or needed the police for some reason, they would be the first to complain if no police officers were there to help them.

Bill Brown

Prescott Valley

Charges against mayor angers MADD member


I was very angered and disappointed at the report of Rowle Simmons' aggravated DUI arrest and his blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15. A person with a BAC of .15 is more than 300 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash, yet impairment begins to occur with a BAC of .02 (NHTSA, 1997). As mayor and a high-profile member of the community in which he is supposed to serve, Mayor Simmons executed extremely poor judgment and has set a very poor example for the entire community.

I want to applaud the DPS officer who arrested him for not looking the other way. This officer shows us that no matter who you are, you are still subject to the laws that govern our society.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the officers, many of whom work directly with MADD, who are out there arresting drunk drivers and making our roads safer. You are our first line of defense and we appreciate all you do. We know it is not easy dealing with people who aren't responsible enough to make plans ahead of time and get a designated driver. We can only imagine how hard it is to pull over people day in and day out and the foolish, ridiculous behavior you have to witness. It is also important to recognize the EMS personnel who have to deal with the devastating and often gory after-effects of drunk driving crashes. The sad thing is, since drinking is socially acceptable, drunk driving will always exist.

I am not opposed to drinking and do it myself occasionally. But it needs to be done responsibly. You cannot think when you drink.

Lori Kaseburg

MADD Yavapai County Chapter

(EDITOR'S NOTE: It is important to note that Mayor Simmons only faces charges of driving under the influence. In America, criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty.)


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