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Tue, June 25

Clean up after Fido, dog owners, and you'll be a lot more welcome<BR>

The Prescott Valley Pet Clinic has removed all excuse for dog owners not to clean up when Rover leaves his calling card during his daily walk in public parks.

The clinic has donated disposal stations with baggies to pick up Fido's waste and deposit it in the trash.

"Yippee!" you say, "I won't have to step in or smell those 'land mines' when my kids or I want to go and play in PV's public parks." Don't count on it.

We're not trying to put a baggie on the PV Pet Clinic's good gesture by any stretch of the leash. Sadly, those clods who allow their dogs to eliminate in our town's parks and in your yard as they walk by each morning, or worse, let their dog out to walk by, will continue to do so. If they cared at all until now, they would stuff a plastic bag in their pocket before taking their pup out for its daily constitutional.

What the new disposal stations may do is make it easier for responsible dog owners to do the right thing and clean up after their pets.

So, what to do about the ones who won't?

Now that it is ridiculously easy to abide by PV's ordinances mandating that owners leash their animals and pick up after them, the next step is to make citations and fines stick. Sometimes, all these thick-headed, thoughtless owners can understand is a little less green in their wallet in return for their habit of leaving a little less green in our public areas.

Prescott Valley police, along with civic-minded citizens who have tried to remind some dog owners of their responsibilities, have endured piles of abuse as offensive as the messes those canines leave behind.

Only continued education, public pressure, and police officers who make life uncomfortable for violators will help clean up our parks and public areas.

C'mon, dog owners. You know who you are. It only takes a minute to pick up after your animal, and it fosters an incredible amount of goodwill from other grateful park users.

It isn't that Prescott Valley is full of dog haters. But irresponsible dog owners don't go very far toward helping them become dog lovers! Thanks, PV Pet Clinic, for making it a little easier to be a good neighbor.

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