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Tue, Oct. 22

Words can tear down, build up community

The Prescott Valley community pulling together as a whole is capable of achieving great and marvelous accomplishments. People are the threads who weave the fabric of our town into a beautiful tapestry.

Without all of us intertwining into the same work, we become several loosely-formed vessels without bond or strength. We lay dormant, waiting and anticipating the moment when someone will pick up our work and complete it.

The following are words that destroy and stunt efforts to build a strong, lasting foundation for our community.

• Animosity: Bitter hostility or hatred.

• Apathy: Lack of emotion or interest, indifference.

• Jealousy: Resentful of another's success, advantages, etc., arising from feelings of envy, apprehension or bitterness.

• Rumor: Unverified information; a report of uncertain origin and truthfulness; hearsay.

And then there are words that build and help to build a solid foundation, ensuring a bright future for Prescott Valley.

• Faith: Confident belief; trust; loyalty; allegiance.

• Cooperate: To work together.

• Determination: Decision; to establish conclusively.

• Perseverance: To persist in or hold to a course, belief, etc. in spite of obstacles.

The Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce has a confident belief (faith) that we will continue to make a positive difference in our community. We fully intend to work together (cooperate) with whomever has that same confident belief (faith) that Prescott Valley is and will be a better community for all, through combined effort. We have made our decision (determination) to work toward those goals that are important to the economic, educational and social well being of our town. Through persistence we hold to our course, in spite of any obstacles (perseverance) cast in our path; we have a confidence(faith) that we will prevail in the successful completions of the goals set before us.

Make no mistake; there are words and actions that can and do destroy any and all efforts to build a clean, moral, ethical, and economically sound community. But take heart - there are words that spawn action to build a strong, lasting, meaningful foundation for the immediate well-being of Prescott Valley.

The Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to build rather than destroy. We continue to look on the positive side rather than the negative side. We continue to step forward rather than back and we continue to be believers and loyal supporters of every element of our community.

Stay on the positive side and put into action for Prescott Valley your faith, your cooperation, your determination and your perseverance.

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