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Sat, March 23

<b><center>Letters to the Editor</b></center>

Evacuated couple thanks public safety personnel


My wife Janet and I think Prescott is a great place to live. Our evacuation because of the fire danger has reinforced this feeling.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain a room at Forest Villas Hotel. The staff and management at the hotel were terrific. They provided a room at a reduced rate and did everything in their power to accommodate requests by other evacuees and us.

The fire personnel did a fantastic job in minimizing damage to structures. The Red Cross and the many volunteers mobilized and were ready to provide for everyone's needs in record time. Law enforcement personnel did a great job in many areas.

A big thank you goes out to everyone for his or her tremendous response to this disaster.

The community of Prescott is what makes this a great place to live.

John and Janet Ottosen


City of Prescott needs to start conserving water


Did I get that right? The mayor removed the "No Watering of Shrubbery, Lawns or Landscaping" restriction? Seems pointless in light of a 1,000-acre forest fire that crept into residential parts of our fair city.


This is the perfect time and situation to gather the citizenry together in a campaign to conserve water. In advertising, and even politics, this technique is known as a scare tactic. In our real life here, surrounded by a dry forest, it is just common sense. Citizens would certainly buy into the area if they give a hoot about life in Prescott.

Oh, pardon me, I forgot about the golf greens.

Agnes Franz


Firefighters' heroism draws pair's appreciation


I want to thank all those persons and agencies involved in what I consider a heroic, death-defying effort to save the city of Prescott and – what's more important – the lives of the citizens that reside here.

My wife and I and our canine family members are residents of Haisley Homestead. Since arriving home from work on the afternoon of May 15, we have watched and listened to the efforts of various members of public safety to control a fire that would have dire consequences for a large number of citizens and their homes.

We are grateful for the efforts of the Prescott Fire Department, Central Yavapai Fire Department, Prescott Police Department, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety and – most important – the U.S. Forest Service, their ground crews and pilots, who have selflessly given of their time, skills and risk to their lives to help this community survive.

These kudos do not discount the efforts of the Red Cross, and all the retail establishments that have gone out of their way to help those that have been evacuated. I am proud to say that I live in a community that is so willing to help its residents in time of turmoil.

Ed and Lana Fielding


Couple appreciates acts of kindness by Resort


The night of May 15, we had to evacuate from our home in Hidden Valley Ranch because of the Indian fire. We went to the Prescott Resort to spend the night, and were pleasantly surprised when we checked in to find that they had a special rate for evacuees.

Upon checking out the next morning, they told us that they were writing off the cost of telephone calls we had made.

I am sure that there are many similar instances in the Prescott area, but we would like to thank the management of the resort for their caring and helping the evacuees in this way.

Claudette and Al Schonberg


Creationists are trying to kill study of science


Dr. Carl Sagan (1934-1996) was one of the most intelligent, celebrated and honored scientists of his time.

For contributions to the moon landings, and Mariner, Voyager, Viking, Explorer spacecrafts, etc., he received many honors from NASA. Now his and all other scientific achievements are under challenge from Mr. Duane Gish, of the Van Andel Creation Research Center, with his attempts to remove the teaching of evolution from our schools and replace it with creation theory.

Evolution is the basis for all of our sciences and schools teach it because of the immense fossil evidence that does exist, in spite of Mr. Gish – Dr. Sagan stated in his book and television series, "Cosmos," "Evolution is a fact, not a theory." And facts are what we need to teach.

In the April presentation by Mr. Gish, and John Meyer, both of the Van Andel Creation Research Center at Yavapai College, they offered no evidence of creation, only degradation of evolutionists. Their Q&A was written questions with verbal answers, no dialogue. In debates with evolutionists, they allow no discussion of the Bible or Christianity, so how can anyone challenge them?

If we destroy science this way, how will we get proper medical aid in the future? I guess we will just have to pray.

Thomas F. Odell



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