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Fri, March 22

New book explores 'advanced' prehistoric civilization

"From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race," by Andrew Collins, is a fascinating and in-depth look at not only the possibilities of the origin of civilization, but how actual events inevitably evolve into the stuff of indecipherable legend as centuries pass.

"From the Ashes" is the culmination of author Collins' 10-year study into the historical reality of an advanced civilization in Egypt and the Near East during prehistoric times.

The book is a heavily researched book that takes some concentration to read, comparing as it does the massive mythology of numerous ancient civilizations from Sumeria to Syria over many thousands of years.

Collins hypothesizes that the angels, demons and fallen angels spoken of in their records, as well as in the Bible and the Book of Enoch, were flesh-and-blood members of a race predating our own.

"Our mythology describes how beings of great beauty and intelligence, who served as messengers of God, fell from grace through pride," he writes. "These angels, also known as Watchers, are spoken of in the Bible and other religious texts as lusting after human women, who lay with them and gave birth to giant offspring called the Nephilim.

"Religious sources also record how these beings shared forbidden arts and sciences with humanity – a transgression that led to their destruction in the Great Flood."

This book is an interesting tool in the decoding of ancient writings that often seem vague and unintelligible to us in modern times.

"A fascinating piece of research which does much to bring the biblical world of Eden back into the historical spotlight … a major contribution to the study of the genesis of civilization," says David Rohl, Egyptologist and author of "A Test of Time."

"From the Ashes of Angels" is available under Ancient Civilizations/Mythology.

Collins, a resident of England, has spent more than 20 years investigating the relationship between paranormal phenomena, ancient sites and the human mind. He is also the author of "Gods of Eden" and "Gateway to Atlantis."

Published by Bear & Company, Rochester, Vt., 381 pages with postscript, bibliography, notes and references, and an index. Trade paperback: $20. ISBN 187918172-X


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