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5:28 AM Thu, Jan. 24th

<b><center>Letters to the Editor</b></center>

Local police should keep doing their jobs


I suspect many Prescott Valley citizens, as well as Prescott residents, were appalled to read of the settlement in the "2001 fatal police pursuit," in the May 24 Courier.

My heart goes out to the families of Daniel Kamholz, Evan Spencer, and Wyld Ferro who perished in that fatal crash, Jan. 26, 2001. As a parent myself, I understand nothing will replace your sons. Loss of the loved ones does not however, change real responsibility.

Everything I have read suggests the police followed proper procedures and policy. At the outset, the defendant Peralta resisted arrest and tired to injure the officers. He managed to escape and started to run in the stolen vehicle. Someone help me with this. Will social mores force police and law enforcement to abandon such chases in the future? Honestly, will any escapee follow the prescribed speed laws and allow for a safe and sane pursuit and capture? This "settlement" suggests officers should have let Peralta continue with the stolen vehicle! I would ask the parents of the victims, if someone invaded their home, abused them and took their money then left in your vehicle, are you telling me you would demand "no-chase" to apprehend the criminals and let them escape?

And then of course we have the statement by Bob Goldwater, one of the claimants' lawyers, who stated, "This had nothing to do with money…" If this were true, why then did you not sue the only guilty party, Peralta? Then of course, he has no money.

Law enforcement personnel; continue to do your job. Protect those of us who occasionally end up in harm's way.

William R. Duvall


Stop eating meat, boost world's supply of grain


Worldwide, 60 million people die of hunger each year – 150,000 each day – even though the world produces more than enough food to feed everyone.

We use food ineffeciently and distribute it inequitably. To end hunger, world leaders must make different political and economic choices.

People often feel helpless when they think about world hunger, but there is one thing that each of us can do: reduce or eliminate meat consumption in order to make more food available for the rest of the world. A 10 percent drop in U.S. meat consumption would make 12 million tons of grain available – enough to feed the 60 million people who are starving to death each year.

The World Resources Institute predicts that by 2025 at least 3.5 billion people will experience water shortages. Animal agriculture uses more water than all other human uses combined and is the number one cause of water pollution.

At the World Food Summit (June 10-13 Rome), political leaders must support the needs of the people and the planet above the desire of corporate agribusiness for more and more profit.

Hunger in the midst of plenty is an obscenity. The majority of people who die from hunger or malnutrition are children younger than 5. We must all take responsibility for this problem. By eliminating animal-derived food from our diet, and choosing plant-based foods instead, we can feed the world while preserving the planet.

James Eichberg


Attention on creationsim really riles evolutionists


Thomas Odell's recent letter demonstrates his faithful allegiance to Carl Sagan, one of the great high priests of evolutionary, humanistic religion.

After enumerating Sagan's accomplishments, Odell asserts that these "…and other scientific achievements are under attack from Mr. Duane Gish of the Van Andel Creation Research Center." These, of course, are absurd accusations. Dr. Gish is an outstanding scientist who holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from U.C. Berkeley. He was a co-worker with two Nobel Prize winners and made significant contributions to health sciences while working at two major pharmaceutical companies.

As director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center, I hold a Ph.D. in biology and have been a researcher, teacher, or student in the sciences at 20 colleges and universities. The Creation Research Society, composed of nearly 650 member scientists worldwide, operates the center. These, along with the hundreds of visitors to the center and most of the 1,500 attending our recent creation conference, easily can testify to our support of legitimate science.

The misleading accusations by Odell are typical of the militant anti-creationists who would destroy the right of our young people to see the scientific evidence against evolutionary origins. The creationist movement is advancing and the evolutionists obviously are not happy campers!

John R. Meyer

Chino Valley

Audubon Society thanks donors to fund-raiser


The Prescott Audubon Society Education Committee would like to thank the following supporters of our recent biannual Bird Fair at Stricklin Park.

We thank Bill Neely for his beautiful wood carving; Sue and Henk Bergmans, owners of Wild Birds Unlimited for the ceramic feeder; and Allisone Scott representing New Frontiers for the coffee (shade grown), muffins, and door prize. Their generous contributions and willingness to support this educational event is greatly appreciated.

Cheryl Berry


PAS Education Committee