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Sat, March 23

Local coaches talk about steroid issue; Brooks' 12 Magic moments

'If you're a kid who isn't that strong and you hear about the pros doing it ... it's something that we should probably start talking about more at our level.'

–Kent Winslow, PHS Coach

Neither Winslow nor Bradshaw Mountain High baseball coach Randy Clifford feel that steroid use is rampant at the prep level.

But both also know that increasing physical strength can play a part in making the difference between an average high school player and one who can take his skills to the next level. Which, if nothing else, can enhance a young athlete's temptation.

"We know that some of the kids are using (legal) supplements and weight gainers to get stronger," Clifford said.

"You just hope that they make the right decision and look at the longterm impact as far as steroids go. But then when they hear that major leaguers are doing it there's always the worry that they think they have to.

"It's kind of interesting because we work out in the weight room every day to get stronger and you hear guys joking about major leaguers using steroids. They joke in a locker room sort of way. You just hope that's where it ends."

•12 Magic moments: It wouldn't take long to mention names like Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardaway, Tracy McGrady or Mike Miller if asked who holds the Orlando Magic's all-time record for most points in a quarter.

You're 0 for 4.

To answer that trivia question properly look no further than Yavapai College, where new YC head men's coach Brooks Thompson spends a lot of his time these days.

A first round pick by the Magic in 1993, Thompson poured in 21 points in the fourth quarter of a Magic win against the Detroit Pistons on March 19, 1996.

"How 'bout that?" Thompson said from his YC office on Tuesday. "I don't remember all the specifics of the game. I just remember that I was on fire and we won."

•Since I'm talking hoops ... is the media living up to its already bad reputation in this Allen Iverson story, or what?

He has an argument with his wife, goes looking for her the next day at which time he may or may not have possessed a gun. No deaths, no injuries, and lawyers with no vested interest say it's highly unlikely that he's do any jail time. Yet packs of media stake out his house around the clock as if he went O.J. on somebody.

Iverson has never been the most mature guy in the world. And if he did commit a crime here he should be punished accordingly. But after reading about his unbelievably sordid childhood I've always had a certain admiration for him.

Iverson to the Suns for Stephon Marbury?

Don't bet on it. But not many people, myself included, believed the Suns would swing a deal that involved another controversial Philadelphia superstar about 10 years ago.

•It kind of snuck up on us, but do you realize how much the West is dominating professional sports these days?

Baseball's two top divisions are clearly the NL West and AL West, in that order. The last four NBA championships have been won by the West, which possesses about six teams that are stronger than anyone from the East. And three of the last five Super Bowl champions (St. Louis and Denver twice) played in either the NFC or AFC West. Ditto hockey, where six or the last seven Stanley Cup champs have come from the West.

OK, OK, all five WNBA champions (Los Angeles and Houston four times) are from the West?


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