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Tue, April 23

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Political correctness cuts down useful symbols


Driving down Willis Street, I noticed the Christmas decorations are still up, and the banners on the poles state: "Arizona's Christmas City." What is going to happen to that name now that Christmas is no longer a "politically correct word?" Try to imagine it as "Arizona's Seasons Greetings City." Somehow that name doesn't have the same connotation.

In Prescott Valley I noticed that the huge American flag, placed after Sept. 11, did not last very long. It was a beautiful reminder.

Lois Gordon

Prescott Valley

Damage of liberal left speaks loudly for itself


Terry Bass's "Talk of the Town" comes just short of blaming the National Rifle Association for causing cancer. When one reads his rhetoric closely, you'll find virtually every ultra left-wing issue somehow tied to the NRA.

The NRA I have known for 25 years has always supported pro-Second Amendment candidates, of any party, who have a reasonable chance to win, and makes no comment on other issues.

It just so happens that the liberals do not provide many pro-Second Amendment candidates although Representative Joe Baca, D-Calif., comes to mind among others. The NRA I know provides the only recognized firearms instructors who train our law enforcement.

The NRA I know spends millions of dollars for firearm safety training including the most respected child safety program, Eddie Eagle. As a result, accidental firearm related deaths have hit record lows for five years. The NRA supports hunter and hunting programs whose fees provide for game and game habitat management.

The left authors, carries and enacts 99 percent of the "reasonable" gun control laws. The left has "reasonably controlled" Californians nearly out of their Second Amendment Rights. Might I remind those who believe that the Bill of Rights means exactly what it says, that the liberal left is the majority in California's Assembly, Senate and Governor's office. I think that example speaks for itself.

Thomas Gatchell


How many liberals really support guns?


Perhaps I'm missing the point of the "Talk of the Town" about the NRA. The NRA is not a right-wing organization. Terry Bass is, in fact, a real liberal but doesn't know it. He thinks he's still a moderate the way all liberals think about themselves. Everyone has some opinions they don't share with their political party and his is gun control.

If you were an NRA member, you'd know the NRA backs politicians based only on one single issue. They rate all people running for all offices in their magazine. They will back the best man or woman, liberal or conservative, based entirely on their voting record on gun issues.

Can someone not know that the Democrats are 10 to one for gun control and the conservatives are 10 to one against? This issue divides Congress like a knife down the center. It is more sharply divided than abortion. The NRA does back Democrats. They just have to be gun people and those are very, very, rare in politics.

Terry, you named one liberal gun supporter in your letter. Now tell us how we will elect a majority in a Congress of liberals that support our issue. Don't hold your breath!

Don Fleming


'Talk of Town' urges world view of blessing


Thank you, Roger Robison, for your Jan. 6 "Talk of the Town" regarding "God Bless America!"

I have been very uncomfortable with the preponderance of "God Bless America" stickers and signs (including the Courier's masthead). What I think when I read that slogan is, "God Bless only America," this is too narrow for me. God Bless All Countries! Or "God Bless the World!" as Robison said.

I find it arrogant to think that God would just bless America and ignore all the others.

Alice Maish Long


Thanks go to people who enforce the law


To the law enforcement officers:

You choose your career in law enforcement to help protect the innocent and bring lawbreakers to justice. You set high standards for yourself, and encourage others to choose the right path and set standards for their lives also.

You have given of your life to be there to help any victim of crime or accident above and beyond the call of duty.

You have worked long hours all through the day and night, when in the dark some people choose to break the law and cause harm to individuals near them. They consume alcohol and drive under the influence, putting their lives, and the lives of others at risk. They steal, kill and destroy, and the citizens expect and trust you to protect them at the risk of your own life.

You have given time away from your family and missed events and new experiences with your children as they grow to maturity.

I am so aware of how few times you are thanked for your faithfulness to duty and the welfare of all people.

Your trustworthiness to respond when someone needs to rescue people from the consequences of their choices or to deliver the consequences seems by most to go unnoticed.

They forget you are someone's daddy, husband, brother and son, and your life and time are very dear and treasured to all who love you.

So, I want to take this opportunity to say, "Thank God you chose to be a law enforcement officer." I appreciate you and all your efforts to protect, teach and uphold the law.

Thank you for choosing to be a "good man."

Marjorie Mae Schmidt

Chino Valley


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