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Sun, May 19

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Wiederaenders has right to state his viewpoint


Over the past several weeks I have read both of Mr. Wiederaenders' columns on evolution and a multitude of responses in the letter section.

This debate will continue long after my time has passed, but reading both sides reminds me of several things.

The greatness of this country lies in our Constitution and in the First Amendment, which allows us to share various points of view, openly and without threat. Thus, all of us are entitled to share information, as well as misinformation! In many countries (societies), the dogma of a single religion goes unquestioned and freedom of speech against that religion – whether burning witches and warlocks at the stake or forcing natives from their homeland in the name of manifest destiny or crashing commercial jet airliners into buildings – doesn't exist. The outcome is the same. Everyone loses when we allow people to act on the rhetoric of the extremist. This is exactly why Israelis and Palestinians kill each other daily, even though they are genetic brothers and sisters.

All of us fall prey to superstition and antiquated beliefs – even when the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. It is our nature. Old beliefs die hard if they die at all.

So I will continue to read the Courier and Mr. Wiederaenders' column because it is my right. I will recognize the extremism, where it exists and be grateful that at least for now, the extremists do not have the final say in our country.

Robert Creamer

Prescott Valley

People should avoid swap meet adoptions


Many of us devote time to helping the Humane Society and PAALS find homes for abandoned dogs and cats.

Thanks to local pet stores, we show these animals in hopes of getting them a second chance. We are currently watching a horror unfold as people come in from a local flea market with these tiny immature puppies in their hands. These backyard puppy mill dogs are too young to leave mom, they have had no shots and they are not neutered.

This letter is to those involved parties:

To the dog owner/lover, please adopt your animals from the Humane Society, PAALS, or other responsible parties which will care for them (if necessary) until they are old enough to be on their own, have their first shots and are neutered to stop the irresponsible breeding. Although it costs more than the $20 you gave the backyard breeders, you get so much more in return.

To the backyard puppy mills: please act with your heart and not your greed. Get your dogs fixed and stop perpetuating the horrible cycle of rampant heartbreaking animal suffering.

To the local flea market – please don't give the backyard puppy mills a platform at your otherwise fun market. In fact, it would be really wonderful if you donated a booth for an offsite adoption center so that these poor puppy mill dogs could get the second chance they so often need.

To everyone involved – please be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Toby Frost


Obesity solution's not just more government


I agree with James Eichberg that obesity is a large problem (no pun intended) and that we should eat more wholesome grains, vegetables and fruits.

However, to place the blame on the government, meat and dairy products is passing the buck. As a personal fitness trainer, I have seen many reasons why a person may be overweight or obese. Excess calorie consumption, slow metabolism, eating disorder, medication, heredity, lack of exercise and the list can go on.

People are also spending billions of dollars annually on herbal supplements or unhealthy quick weight loss diets, which puts the already vulnerable person at a higher risk of health problems. The key to making our country healthier is to not wait for our government to do it for us, but to take control ourselves. Cutting our red meat and dairy products would deprive our bodies of calcium, phosphorus, niacin, choline, selenium, iron, zinc, and vitamin A.

One of the solutions is to eat red meat and fatty milk products in moderation. A healthy diet should consist of 55% of calories from carbohydrates, 20% of calories from protein and 25% of calories from fat.

The most important key to successful weight loss is to use more calories than you consume. An active person can eat more because he or she is using more calories. Science has proven this fact time and time again. Eating a well balanced diet, eating all things in moderation, and not labeling any food as "good" or "bad" will help shrink this nation's weight problem. This year let us resolve to take care of our family and ourselvesby staying healthy and getting enough exercise. God Bless America.

Pamela Liuzzo

Certified Personal Trainer


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