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Tue, July 23

Some good can issue from deadly attacks

Can any good come from the senseless deaths of more than 5,000 innocent human beings?

It can and it has.

For the past several Fourths of July, these columns have bemoaned a lack of grit and patriotism in our people. We have wondered aloud whether the fat, dumb and happy Americans of today, when faced – as the signers of the Declaration of Indendence were – with putting their lives, fortunes and sacred honor at risk – would be able to do it.

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 show that we can and we have. The people united quickly and did their duty wherever it confronted them.

Congress – which before that date was a prattling gaggle of Democrats whining that they didn't' have enough of our money to spend and Republicans turning their backs on their professed beliefs to make sure Democrats and the media didn't take a dislike to them – stood together to support President George W. Bush in doing anything he has to do to drive terrorism from the face of the earth.

A group of people with little sacred honor to pledge certainly came through with a fortune in relief money for the state of New York and more cash to beef up the effort to find the people responsible for the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

We have a long battle ahead. Americans will do honor and justice to the innocent people who died in these attacks and the heroes and heroines who came forward to try to stop the attacks and save the lives of the victims.

And perhaps the members of Congress will come out of it all with a clearer concept of duty, a sharper focus on what's important and perhaps rediscovered honor.


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