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Fri, April 26

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Pearl Harbor veteran lauds new patriotism


The memorable events of two weeks ago touched many lives, including our family. Especially moving is the outpouring of patriotism all over America. I fail to see any separation of God and state! The shortage of our flags amazes me. If some people had not burned many flags in anger in recent years, perhaps we would see more on display today.

As a Pearl Harbor survivor, I recall songs such as "Let's Remember Pearl Harbor" and "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" soon after Dec. 7. The songs spurred us on.

Our son is a United Airline pilot and recently cross-trained to fly Boeing 777s. On Sept. 10, the day before New York's tragedy, he flew to London from LAX. He was stranded along with 100 plus United pilots in the grounding of commercial flights.

He has flown many United 757s. In his phone call from London, he mentioned that he had flown Flight 93 (that crashed in southeast Pennsylvania) many times and knew the flight crew. How sad!

While I volunteer in escort at the VA Medical Center, I have helped many war veterans and feel compassion for each one. Volunteering there is a very rewarding experience. Although we might remember the World War II song, "When the Lights Go On Again," I'll be waiting to hear "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again."

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffer from this disastrous occurrence and may our faith endure.

Joe Gasaway


Strawn's column backs harsh attacks on Arabs


Thom Strawn's column, "Terrorists don't know their error," was disappointing. I was sorry that he joined the "sky is falling" crowd. He calls for "judging the future by the past" and an "effective defense" against terrorists.

What defense do you use against people who have already forsaken their lives? There are only two ways to remove the danger of terrorist attack. Using the past as a guide we know that such acts didn't occur in the Soviet Union; thus, if we create a similar police we'll have solved the terrorist problem.

The second way is to remove the cause for those attacks. Such death and destruction as we have witnessed recently here are an every day occurrence in Palestine, where the Israelis, with their American weapons, helicopters and money are murdering Arabs every day. Nothing Israel does outrages us, while our government acts as if we were a colony of Israel.

If the tables were turned and we were a small country in a violent dispute with a neighbor that was wholly supported by a large ally, we would do the same thing, except we wouldn't call it terrorism but patriotism.

The choice is clear: Governments normally create and use crises to increase their control of their subjects and this is our government's opportunity. Instead of being panicked into unwinnable guerilla warfare, let's remove the causes for these attacks.

Leon J. Kaliniec


We musn't behave like our attackers


On Sunday, "This Week" posed a disturbing question to several political figures appearing on the show about "racial profiling."

Someone mentioned a man shot in Mesa because he wore a turban. A bloodcurdling chill went through me as I thought about my wonderful doctor, a person I have and will always trust with my life. Because he is of Mideast origin, someone racially profiling people such as him is as terrorizing as the actual events of the WTC and Pentagon.

Thankfully, our political officials will follow the Constitution and refuse to racially profile.

I implore people not to take similar matters into their own hands. Such actions are akin to assuming all young men with short hair and veterans of the Gulf War are like a Timothy McVeigh. Evil exists in most races, but not all of any race. Please don't allow fear to rule, it only gives the small faction of evil the victory.

I'd also like to express my pride in our citizens' patriotism. On Friday night, the many families that gathered in the streets with candles in hand and the vast amount of homes sporting our glorious flag was indeed heartwarming. May we all stay together as the good people we are and God bless America.

B.W. Wigent

Prescott Valley

Religious leaders back bin Laden's warped view


In recent days, several well-known preachers have said in public statements that the tragedy of Sept. 11 was God's vengeance being wrought upon the United States on account of our immorality, secularism, etc. I wonder if bin Laden was surprised to see prominent Christian clergy publicly supporting his demented theology of indiscriminate violence, and praising his horrific act as from God himself?

People commit (and praise) violence, because they cling to the delusion that power consists of the ability to destroy. Neither Jesus nor Muhammad taught their followers any such lie: that lie comes from somewhere else.

Dave Johnson



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