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Mon, Feb. 17

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Let's not get uptight about PHS streaking


I heard someone was offering a $500 reward to anyone who could or would turn in the two students that "streaked" at the March 28 parents' orientation night at Prescott High School.

I love practical jokes, and this one is a classic that keeps turning up again and again, at least for the last 30 years when I first saw it at my graduation – a Catholic high school no less!

I am writing because I can smile and chuckle about a "situation" that happened at our own high school. Thank goodness for that! With all that goes on in our world and in our country's schools, I am grateful beyond expression that teen-agers are pulling practical jokes on us. I am grateful we still have a sense of humor and fun out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Am I the only parent that feels this way?

As for the reward? I can think of many ways for it to go to good use. Maybe we could have a pizza party to celebrate humor and youth – celebrate and not condemn the diversity and laughter that still exists sometimes in our community.

Jana Kapp


Owners wreak misery on dogs running loose


I have lived in Prescott Valley since 1986. It was a nice little town then. You could sit in your backyard and hear the birds fly over.

Now when you go in your backyard, you hear the sound of lost dogs barking and people yelling at them. I don't understand how these people can lose their dogs and not go find them. What kind of people are they?

I see dogs running through our neighborhood at least two times a week. They are scared, hungry and thirsty, and they have nowhere to sleep or get out of the weather.

I see people leave their dogs out in a pen week after week. They throw some food and water in with them, but never spend time with them. They don't even know if they are hurt or sick and they don't seem to care. Other people teach their dogs to be mean and then when the dog turns on them they hurt the dog or kill them.

I feel sorry for animals and for children who have people like these to take care of them. I wish Animal Control could do something about these people, but they can't check everyone. They have to be careful not to make anyone mad, even if the animals go hungry and have nowhere to get out of the weather.

People, why can't you take care of your animals? You are not the one who suffers. The dog suffers the punishment for your neglect. I wish it were the other way around.

Martha Outhouse

Prescott Valley

Courier editorial page takes too sharp a right


Reading the Daily Courier is like taking a drive in the country. For the most part, the drive is pretty good. I get to see some nice country and nice folks passing by.

However, come the editorial page, the scenery gets ugly fast. I see that cigar-chomping mayor rattling on fatuously about the glory of nuclear energy. Or, Yankee Doodle dimwits railing against a culturally diverse America. Or that syndicated Pat Buchanan wanna-be, Cal Thomas, who tried to sell us bigotry and greed. Or that patently one-sided syndicated cartoonist appropriately named Wright. (You should print some of the better cartoonists, such as Oliphant or Toles).

The editorial view, overall, is decidedly right-wing with very little counterpoint, and it makes for stiff and unenlightened reading. Until you decide to name your paper "The Ultraconservative Daily Yahoo," you owe it to your readers to try to present a more balanced editorial page, reflecting the dynamic culture here in the Prescott area.

Although you may wish to make us think the road ahead has only hard right turns, many of us will point out that some left turns can take us in a refreshingly intelligent direction.

T.L. Stone


Bush starts to attack national monuments


The energy "crisis" in California has played nicely into President Bush's hand. Last week he leaked a report from the Interior Department calling for drilling in wilderness study areas and the newest of our national monuments.

Bush and Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton – a protégé of the notorious James Watt – want to cancel the protection mandated for national monuments, BLM lands and Forest Service management plans. The California energy debacle gave them the excuse they needed.

In the Rocky Mountains, only 2 percent of BLM lands includes monuments, so why does Bush want to destroy these first? We can't say for sure, but all that campaign money he received from the extractive industries probably helped.

Many Republicans receive campaign money for their efforts to kill protections for the public lands. Some Republicans, such as Representative Jim Hansen of Utah, want to turn our public lands over to private developers. His committee in the house is powerful, and he is working closely with Norton to realize this plan.

With population likely to double in 45 years and our ever more energy-demanding lifestyles, we can't keep ourselves in oil no matter where we drill. And the more we drill, the more we cause ourselves even greater problems such as global warming. President Bush says he doesn't know what causes global warming. President Bush should hear from all of us who want to protect what few wild places are left on this earth. Once they are gone, it's forever.

E.O. Thompson


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