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Wed, July 17

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League of Women Voters doesn't advocate in guide


Patti Pacheco (Oct. 20) quotes several statements from the League of Women Voter's "Voters Guide" on Proposition 202. Ms. Pacheco may have created the erroneous impression that the League is expressing a position in the "Voters Guide."

The League's "Voters Guide" is a nonpartisan publication intended to inform and educate voters on the numerous ballot propositions. The League does not state its position or comment on the merits of propositions in the "Voters Guide." Rather, to assist voters in reaching their decision, the "Voters Guide" includes sections called "Support-ers Say" and "Opponents Say" for each proposition. These sections summarize the written arguments submitted by various individuals and organizations to the secretary of state. All three quotes in Ms. Pacheco's letter were taken directly from the "Opponents Say" section for Proposition 202.

The League of Women Voters urges voters to read the "Voters Guide" for a description of the propositions on the Nov. 7 ballot and a summary of the arguments for and against each. Voters also can refer to the booklet distributed by the secretary of state, Ballot Propositions & Judicial Perfor-mance Review, which contains the text of each proposition and the comments submitted to the secretary of state in their entirety.

Betsy Barnes and June Ruth


League of Women Voters Central Yavapai County

Reader thinks Prop. 204 will solve health issues


I urge readers to vote yes on Proposition 204, the Healthy Arizona Initiative II.

Proposition 204 would expand eligibility for the state's Medicaid program, AHCCCS, to 100 percent of the federal poverty level. Currently, the eligibility for Arizona's adults is at approximately 33 percent of the federal poverty level.

The money source for Proposition 204 is Arizona's share of the Tobacco Tax Settlement.

Proposition 204 is simple, easy to understand, and deals directly with the serious problem of the number of uninsured people in our community. It will expand access to comprehensive health care for Arizona's low income, working population.

Patricia Cantor


Punish the guilty parties in alternate fuels fiasco


Reports say the alternative fuel fiasco Jeff Groscost devised and Gov. Jane Dee Hull signed into law will cost us taxpayers at least $420 million and probably as much as $600 million.

We're looking at several hundred dollars per taxpayer – dollars that could have gone for education or come back to us to use as we chose! If a similar scenario happened in the private sector Hull and Groscost would have been fired.

I always vote, and rest assured that the next legislator or governor I vote for will have had no guilt in this fiasco. If Hull and Groscost had any honor they would resign! Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen!

Voters, it's your money they have misused, please remember that on Nov. 7 when you visit the polling place. Want to add 0.6 percent (Prop. 301) to an already too high sales tax to place even more of your money in the hands of these same people? Want to raise the salaries (Prop. 300) of the same people who threw away as much as $600 million of your hard-earned money? What about your legislator, is he/she up for reelection? How did he/she vote on this bill? Remember the bill passed the Legislature by an overwhelming margin, so Hull and Groscost are not the only guilty parties!

Ronald Vennell


Proposition 202 places power in people's hands


The real estate people and developers behind the multi-million dollar campaign against Proposition 202, the Citizens' Growth Management Initiative, have put forth a staggering amount of misinformation during the last month in an attempt to scare voters. To clarify: Proposition 202 is not a "one-size-fits-all" measure that will put Arizona's growth into the hands of out-of-state interests. Quite the contrary. Under Proposition 202, citizens in each Arizona community of 2,500 or more will create and vote on its own unique plan for growth.

This will empower Arizona's communities to put an end to the "one size fits all," computer-generated, sprawling subdivisions that out-of-state developers are filling the state's landscape with. Proposition 202 takes community-shaping power away from these developers and puts this power back in the hands of the people who live in Arizona's towns and cities.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand why the opponents of 202 have funneled so much money into the fear-filled, misleading advertisements that have bombarded us lately. But please, don't let them fool you. Proposition 202 is an initiative for Arizonans who want to manage our inevitable growth effectively. It is for those of us who believe that we don't have to simply sit back and let developers dictate to us what our state will become.

If you love Arizona, if you want to protect what is left of our magnificent state's beauty, if you want to empower our communities to create their own unique plans for growth, if you're tired of endless sprawl, then please join me in casting a state-saving vote of YES on Proposition 202.

John Johnston


Let God inspire the way we vote on Election Day


This is a very important election for our great country! As we look for the most perfect candidates to vote for, we need to turn to our God for guidance. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed much – even their lives – to guarantee "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We need to vote for those who would represent those principles. It was not by accident that this God-inspired document listed "life" first!

Many candidates hide behind the statement a woman should have the right to choose what happens to her body. I, too, believe a woman has the right to choose, but once she chooses to create a baby inside her, she is dealing not only with her own body, but also the body of a completely different person.

Who will protect that baby? It's too late for the 48 million babies already destroyed by abortions in the past 25 years.

The candidates elected soon will have power to affect lives through the judges they appoint and the laws they will make. How can we trust them to vote for our "pursuit of happiness" when they are willing to destroy a baby's "life" just minutes before birth by sucking out their brains in partial birth abortion?

It is time to put aside party lines, religion, who won the debate or who looks the best and vote for those who will come closer to representing principles and desires that God has for his children here on Earth. Don't just be informed when you vote, be inspired!

Donna Bennett


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