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Wed, June 19

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We should stop paying for the city's past mistakes


Why is it that the city can give our money away for mistakes it has made but it doesn't have money for trash pickup? The money for the pickup was in the sanitation budget. The bi-yearly pickup affects probably 60 percent of homeowners.

If the city wants money it should take it out of the interest it is making on the money it received when it sold the CAP water rights to the city of Scottsdale. If not, take it out of the money the city was collecting from the taxpayers for the CAP project that it now is charging the homeowners as a fee for alternate water source. Has it charged this fee to the companies? Buying water to green up the golf course before they receive water from the processed sewer water?

Ken McNabb


Voters should say 'no' to vague Proposition 202


Let's hear some more about Prop 100 in the newspapers before we go away and vote for something so radical as Prop 202.

It may be that Prop 100 is the answer to how Arizona grows the best.

What is the need to rush out and vote into existence a proposition that is at best poorly understood and at worst not understood at all?

Let's take a methodical approach to growth in Arizona and avoid knee jerks like Prop 202.

Vote NO on Prop 202!

Bob Lowry


Proposition 202 would open lawsuit floodgates


Would you support a proposition if you knew it would cause a flood of lawsuits against private land owners and others here in Arizona by any person or any group from anywhere?

That's what would happen if the Sierra Club and other backers of Proposition 202 get their way. Do we really want to spend more of our precious time and resources in our already jammed court system?

When I was younger, I used to think the Sierra Club was a pretty reasonable group, dedicated to protecting the environment. Now, it appears they're dedicated only to protecting their interests and the interests of trial attorneys. And while I'm certain it still has reasonable and thoughtful members, there is no doubt the club has evolved into a prohibitionist organization more interested in confrontation than cooperation.

For crying out loud, this is the same group that wants to drain Lake Powell and allow zero harvesting of timber in our national forests!

We need fewer lawsuits and more dialogue. We need people sitting around the table (with the Sierra Club included and listening) solving problems. The Sierra Club, however, is not interested in compromise – it's their way or the highway! That's not the way to solve problems, especially when talking about growth.

Citizens of Arizona, please let the Sierra Club and its allies know that we reject their brand of confrontation and extremism by voting against Proposition 202. We want consensus and cooperation, not more lawsuits.

Chris Udall


Big, bad, bully berates Blewster in bogus blasts


I am writing to rebut the erroneous statements you made about District One representative Barbara Blewster in your Oct. 5 editorial. I wish that you would attempt to verify your statements before you publish them. In the Oct. 5 editorial you wrote that the governor found the three hardest words that a politician can speak: "I made a mistake." That's four words, Mr. Hansen, not three. At least Rep. Blewster can count to four.

You stated that Rep. Blewster has no credibility among her colleagues. The truth is the entire leadership of the Arizona House of Representatives endorses Rep. Blewster. The House leadership are the most important colleagues a State Representative can possibly have. She has the support of Bob Burns the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, State Treasurer Carol Springer, and many others.

You stated that Rep. Blewster's support of worthwhile issues is like a kiss of death. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tax cuts, gun rights, legislation, pro-life legislation, with Rep. Blewster's support have been signed into law during her brief two-year term. Prescott Active Management Area residents whose wells had dried up now may drill a second well because of Rep. Blewster's Exempt Well Legislation. As vice chairman of appropriations, she has been able to appropriate ADOT funds for Prescott, and needed resources for rural law enforcement. She is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. For you to call anybody else the kiss of death given your own track record is absolutely astonishing.

Rep. Blewster is hard working, honest, and effective. Your vendetta against her has never been justified. She is doing a good job, and has only been kind to you. Why don't you admit what you're really embarrassed about? You've had your clock cleaned by the Dewey housewife.

Elizabeth May

Prescott Valley

(EDITOR'S NOTE: O would only that I had you as my handler instead of Representative Blewster having you as hers! I had chosen a more vernacular three-word phrase for making a mistake and changed it in the haste of deadline and interests of good taste.)

Drivers need courtesy, fewer graphic hand signals


Traffic + Impatient People = Road Rage. The traffic is becoming an extreme problem on Arizona roads. With this in mind we must take into consideration that patience is a virtue. Driving along these roads I have run into numerous problems including the fact that people are grouchy and rude.

When the traffic is heavy, not only at 5 p.m. but even in the middle of the day, people forget simple common courtesy. One must realize that we all make mistakes and at the last minute may realize that we need to be in the other lane.

I have been one of those people who have needed to change lanes. With blinker on in preparation to merge one way or the other, people continue to drive right on by.

Finally when you're practically in the middle of the lane people will slam on their brakes abruptly and let you in. Then it never fails you can always look in your mirrors and see people's mouths moving or fingers flying as though that one car was going to make them much later. I often find myself as the one they aren't letting in, but always the one letting others in. Thanks to those of you who aren't so rudely rushed. If I could say one thing it would be… "Calm down and understand that you're not the only one sitting in the traffic."

Erin Walton


Courier slights Democrats in its election coverage


I have lived in Prescott for almost three years and have enjoyed reading the Courier. It has enabled me to know what is happening in the community and consequently to find many interesting activities and therefore an opportunity to make friends.

I have found one bit of information missing. Are there Democratic candidates in this county? Who are they? What are their platforms? How can any one vote intelligently without knowing all the candidates?

I have just returned from Eastern Europe, where until recently, there was only one party to vote for. Thankfully, we live in America where we have choices. We can even cross party lines.

Please give us some information on the local Democratic candidates, (assuming there are some), so we can do our duty as informed Americans on Nov. 7.

Carol Miller

Prescott Valley

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Regular readers would know what we've explained before. No Democrats ran in the primary election with opposition at the county level, and many Republican races with opposition were tantamount to election because no Democrats were seeking the office. Democrats will get equal time in the general election campaign.)


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