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Wed, July 17

Arizona earns 'F' in running AIMS test


Congratulations, Arizona. Once again you receive an F for failing your children.

Check the AIMS test scores, even in Yavapai County where our students fared much better than did students in the rest of the state.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan said last week we should be happy students' test scores improved overall. But, pray tell me, how can we be proud of the fact that a mere 17 percent of local 10th graders met or exceeded the standard on AIMS.

It didn't take long to hear the reaction from our holier-than-thou populace in the indictment of our education system.

Stupid kids. Stupid teachers.


The F in the AIMS test should go to the test makers, not the test takers.

Surely we need to continue raising the education bar; but to place it so high that fewer than 20 percent of our children can pass it is idiocy as its bureaucratic finest.

How ludicrous is it to flash the "These-kids-are-stupid" sign in front of the world, and turn around and expect voters to approve budget overrides or propositions designed to improve education?

I am not displeased with my children's education, and my family has lived in three different school districts.

I am displeased with the state's ill-guided education bureaucracy. I also am displeased with the people who blame children and teachers, when the blame rests squarely on the state and its inane AIMS test.

Arizona gets an F only because it can't get a Z.

* * *

I was a little stunned to hear Gov. Jane Hull say she likely was going to endorse Rep. Barbara Blewster for the Arizona House simply because she is a Republican.

If you want to know what's wrong with politics these days, look no further than this gaffe by Arizona's leading lady.

Get this, Hull said last week that she cannot "reason" with Blewster, yet she will back her campaign.

Now, somebody tell me how "reasonable" does this look for Hull?

* * *

This is an open invitation for Rep. Blewster and Democrat challenger Henry Camarot: Let's talk, please.

Let's talk about your goals. Really. I mean it.

This newspaper's been hard on many politicians, Blewster included. Take, for example, Prescott Unified School Board Member Dana Womack.

We have bashed Dana's philosophies and agenda, yet she remains open and willing to speak with us.

In fact, Womack visits our newsroom on occasion, which says much about her backbone.

The invitation is open, Representative Blewster. I know Camarot will call. Will you?

* * *

If you care at all about Arizona's wildlife, vote "yes" on Proposition 102, which would require a 3/4 vote to change wildlife management rules.

Let's face it, Arizona is filling up quickly with people from all over, and they all have their opinions, many of them uneducated, about our state's critters.

We must allow our Game and Fish Department, the people who really and truly know Arizona's wildlife, to make the rules.

If we don't enact Prop. 102, mark my words, Arizona's wild animals will suffer greatly at the hands of the people who want to save each individual life. That philosophy, in turn, will lead to starvation and depredation at every end of the ecosystem.

If you don't vote on or for anything or anyone else, vote "yes" on 102. It is vitally important.

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