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Sun, March 24

Hull deserves kudos for admitting error

Politicians have an unfortunate habit of sometimes following a misstatement out the window.

A prime example that comes to mind is former President Gerald Ford's gaffe about Eastern Europe in the 1976 campaign debates.

Ford said that Communism did not dominate Eastern Europe, which, at the time, was a little like saying Dolly Parton is a string bean.

Instead of admitting he made a mistake, Ford dug in his heels and insisted he was correct for the next few agonizing days.

When meeting with several of us at The Daily Courier last week, Gov. Jane Dee Hull said she was planning to endorse ultra-conservative State Rep. Barbara Blewster for re-election in the wake of her narrow defeat of former Prescott City Councilwoman Lucy Mason who had the governor's endorsement in the primary election.

However, after repercussions of that endorsement started to crop up, the governor found the three hardest words for a politician to speak: "I made a mistake."

The governor then withdrew her endorsement of Blewster who has been an embarassment to District 1 since her first election in 1998.

Governor Hull deserves commendation on two counts: First, she is a rare politician, indeed, for admitting her mistake and fixing it.

Second she stuck by her principles and took back her ill-advised endorsement of someone who claims membership in the Republican party but who advocates an agenda that usually borders on the asinine and frequently crosses over.

Blewster has no credibility among her colleagues and no ability to get anything done in the legislature. Even when she lends her support to worthwhile issues, her name in association with them is like a kiss of death.

If anything, Hull's acknowledgment of her humanity and her integrity in doing the right thing will help her politically.


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