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Tue, June 18

Giant drinking mug attracts stares, amusement

I drink from a fire hydrant.

At least that's what a colleague calls the 52-ounce red plastic Circle K mug I bring to work every day filled with iced tea or soda pop.

Refills aren't necessary, as you can imagine.

My brother calls the mug the Bladder Buster instead of Thirst Buster.

Yes, that's a lot of liquid to send through the urinary tract, but I go everywhere with my mug.

I even took it to an awards banquet the newspaper staff attended a couple of weekends ago. I thought about having the bartender fill it for me instead of the four-ounce cup he was using.

Another colleague said, "That thing is obscene."

I am not alone, however. I think Circle K is selling many of the mugs as the weather gets hotter. And I think many users are on caffeine highs because of the amount of soda pop they are consuming.

Once in the Circle K as I was closing my lid and inserting the straw, a construction worker came in with his "fire hydrant."

He slammed his mug under the ice dispenser then jerked it over to the soda of his choice to begin filling. Fifty-two ounces takes a few minutes to fill and he seemed irritated.

I looked over at him and with wild eyes he said, "Hot outside!"

"Yeah," I said as I headed back to my air-conditioned building.

At least the construction worker would sweat off a few of those liquid ounces.

I don't drink coffee or alcoholic beverages, but soda pop and tea aren't all that great for me either.

Experts say you're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day and more if you drink caffeinated beverages which use up water in the body.

Ideally I should fill the "fire hydrant" with pure, filtered water and sip on it all day. The "fire hydrant" provides the means but my willpower wanes.

I guess I'll start when my teeth rot out from all the sugar in the soda pop.


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