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Tue, Oct. 22

Networks help Clinton lie about guns, gun owners

Wake up America! Communism is not dead!

This week, communists celebrated May Day around the world in parades with thousands of goose-stepping soldiers. Hundreds of thousands marched in London, Moscow, Italy, Cuba, North Korea and China.

The U.S. is the only nation with a Second Amendment in its Bill of Rights. CNN, the "Clinton News Network," slants news in favor of Clinton. Like CNBC and MSNBC, it praises the Hollywood film industry that produces more violence and gun deaths in a week than actually take place in a decade. The networks attack the National Rifle Association.

Clinton pointed his finger, and lied to us and to a grand jury. He adds lie upon lie about gun deaths. Networks protect him. Clinton is promoting the United Nations agenda of disarming the citizens of every nation.

This past August on "Good Morning America," Clinton stated, "Should people have to register their guns? Of course." Vice President Al Gore called for total gun registration. Britain, Australia and Canada preceded gun confiscation with gun registration. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin confiscated every gun in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Soviet Union. Private ownership of guns is illegal in Communist China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, India or Pakistan where people have little freedom and suffer from poverty and hunger. Gun registration will affect only law-abiding gun owners. And, when it is expedient, jack-booted storm troopers will visit our homes to grab our guns.

Clinton must have a specific enemy and uses the NRA and NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre as his whipping boy. He avoids NRA President Charlton Heston because of Heston's popularity and honest image. The 80 million gun owners in America are waking up to Clinton's lies and the Clinton/Reno/Gore agenda to destroy the Second Amendment.

Heston courageously points out the truth and Clinton's made-for-TV lies. On the March 2 "Today Show," Clinton lied: "We've increased gun prosecution and we have a lot of people in jail for it. The Brady Bill has kept a half-million felons from getting guns. Eight months have gone by and Congress can't act on new legislation because of the NRA. We're losing 13 kids a day to gun accidents. Other countries don't have an NRA."

Fact: On Clinton's watch, gun prosecutions dropped 46 percent, half of what they were before Clintonian "democracy." The government has prosecuted fewer than a hundred felons for trying to buy a gun. Fewer children die from gunshot wounds than die in bicycle accidents, drowning or in auto accidents. Washington, D.C., the most violent city in America, logged only two "Brady" prosecutions in 1998.

Government invests a fraction of what the 130-year-old NRA spends on gun safety programs. More than 12 million kids have participated in the NRA's award-winning firearms safety programs. Clinton wants an America with no NRA and Second Amendment.

On May 13 at 9 a.m., the Take Back America 1776 Breakfast Club at the Country Kitchen on East Gurley Street will discuss "The NRA versus Clinton the liar."

As Charlton Heston said, "Mr. Clinton, the Second Amendment is not yours to re-write and freedom will abide no more lies!"

God save our Republic!

(Thom Strawn was a political activist for 30 years, and is now a prime-time TV and radio talk show host living in Prescott.)

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