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Sat, Sept. 21

GOP has long since lost its moral compass

An open letter to State GOP Chairman Jim Nicholson and all Republicans, from a former Republican:

I am writing this letter in response to the Republican voters opinion poll. I am highly skeptical that any real vitally educated, unified, sound-principled leadership will come out of any political party, be it Republican, Democratic, Reform, etc., that puts party and politics above sound principles of governance.

Our founders warned us about misguided allegiance to "factions" (i.e. party spirit) over principles. The Republican party is more concerned about what is expedient, public opinion, social issues and business-as-usual at the expense of the real safeguards of the people's freedoms and liberties. It should be concerned mostly with properly interpreted constitutional law.

If a political party is going to get behind certain people and promote them as viable leaders, those potential leaders had better know the Constitution if they are going to lead our country in the right direction. When they are already running for office or serving in office is not the time to learn.

We shouldn't just pick potential leaders because they are charismatic and will make good party members and make the party look good to voters.

The Republican leadership had its chance to implement meaningful reform through "The Contract with America," but because of weak moral leadership, it fizzled out, and they caved in to political pressure, compromised, became ineffective and lost their golden opportunity. The people of America are tired of empty promises and high-sounding rhetoric that never delivers.

Do you want to know why Americans are apathetic and complacent and why less than 40 percent of us vote? Empty promises and high-sounding rhetoric that never delivers! The very fact that the Republican party finds it necessary to take an opinion poll tells us that it has lost the confidence that comes with possession of a real vision for America and is foundering with ineffective leadership that doesn't have the knowledge or morality to lead our country back to a solid foundation!

The Republican party used to stand for something (i.e. sound constitutional principles). In the past 20 years, however, it has stood for everything (i.e. big tent, whims of the mob, etc.) with the consequences that it stands for nothing! Several good leaders remain in the Republican party, but they are a minority and have little say.

If we don't work to totally transform our culture and our world view of life, our nation soon will self-destruct. We need to re-educate our leaders and people completely and then work to change our institutions. To regain the pinnacle of our liberties we need to return the principles which secured them in the first place. We must reform and restructure our communicational, political, governmental, educational, spiritual and social institutions along with our moral and faith-based world view as those held by our founders which established and founded our nation.

Both my wife and I believe that that will not happen unless and until our people turn back to the God of our forefathers, the God of all sound principles and liberties. "The greatest danger to liberty lurks in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, 1928.

Both my wife and I believe the party will not receive our correspondence well, therefore, please accept this letter as notification that we hereby resign from the Republican party.

(Bill and Peggy Haymin are observers of the current political scene. They have studied education through the F.A.C.E. Foundation.)

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