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Thu, Feb. 21
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<b> Letters to the Editor </b>

It's time to get concerned about our water supply


People of Yavapai County, are you listening? That "great sucking sound" we have heard so much about these past few years is your water table going way down.

The May 28 Daily Courier carried a lengthy article on an agreement under which California release back to other Western states, the "excess" water it has been consuming for many decades. The bottom line to Arizona is very little water, most of which will go to Phoenix and Tucson. Tucson will percolate its share to raise the water table in the aquifer serving that area. Yavapai County will receive only a tax bill for the water distribution system, no water.

On May 30, The Daily Courier ran a article on the American Ranch development off Williamson Valley Road, which reported on a meeting concerning the development. The main concern was about this development consuming large quantities of water, primarily for "aesthetic" purposes. Lakes the developers called ponds, plus irrigation on three acres of the four-acre home sites obviously will have a detrimental impact on an area already classified as mining water! A significant number of the "home" sites will be one acre, rather than the statutorily mandated two-acre minimum.

The June 4 Daily Courier ran an article about the hopes of the mayor of Big Lake, Texas, to get a now dry lake filled by ground water pumping. The article quotes the mayor concerning the significant loss of water to evaporation.

I believe the sun shining in Texas is the same one we have, and will be evaporating, in other words wasting, just as much water from the lakes in this development. The developers of American Ranch envision maintaining their lakes with effluent sometime in the next decade, or so! The startup will be from a "mysteriously," newly defined aquifer.

The May 30 article said a volunteer group, "The Concerned Citizens of Williamson Valley" ran a paid informational ad concerning the American Ranch Development. On June 23 an eloquent, passionate letter appeared quoting Alexander Hamilton and Madison in an effort to identify TCCWV as a "faction" to be feared. All residents of Yavapai County should be concerned, and fearful about this matter.

The county Planing and Zoning Commission met June 21 to determine the fate of this development, which requires waiving existing requirements. Because of developer-requested considerations it scheduled an additional hearing July 19 at 9 a.m. Please attend and voice your concerns.

Jan Smith


Keep cool heads through Copper Basin trim work


This is a positive opinion on the Copper Basin tree trimming.

We think the trimmers, APS and the fire department did a job worth commenting on. APS (Mr. Robert Pleger and Mr. McCormick) contacted us early, told us what to expect and asked our opinion. Communication was clear between both parties.

They did the work quickly and cleaned up and hauled off all the messes. For those who wanted the wood, the trimmers sawed it into wood size and some left some mulch for those who wanted it.

We all agree that other APS customers from here to Wickenburg deserve as uninterrupted a service as possible, without too much complaint for those of us who lost limbs and some trees – which APS will replace, by the way. Let us keep a friendly attitude and a good neighbor policy for all.

Helen Starlin


Powerful companies get way with city fire chief


Isn't it strange that discarded cigarettes, catalytic converters, hot ashes, poorly installed electric work, improperly installed heating equipment, children with matches…yes…even rats with matches, cause fires? But in my nearly 40 years of fire service, dealing with every known type of fire-related problem, I've never heard that trees in a forest cause a fire!

The real cause is the "fire source from the power line" that creates the ignition source, Chief Willis, and if power lines were properly placed underground, there would be no fire problem and the trees could remain as trees, as God intended, and the very reason we live in Prescott. Not half trees or ugly reminders of what powerful companies can do if they so desire, by talking the Prescott fire chief into joining their brand of madness.

Oh yes, It's a matter of money, and the Mountain Club, which has been around for only 75 years, plus many old-time Prescott residents who deserve better, can "take a hike" because APS and the fire chief have decreed it acceptable to swallow their "logic."

I can see now, that the chief has become just another pawn for powerful companies who deal with customers as mushroom residents in the forest, and fed that usual diet that generally goes with keeping them in the dark!

Pat Feeley


Proceed with dog park, but ban them from plaza


I've attended many events, and I've walked around the courthouse plaza at various times nearly every day.

I've seen dog owners with from one to five leashed dogs allowing the pets to relieve themselves on plaza walks, lawns and trees. The majority of the owners clean up after pets, but some owners do not. I have confronted some of these irresponsible owners and have received responses ranging from a "soooo," to a "mind your own business," to just receiving a blank stare as they proceed on their way leaving the feces for the public employees to clean up.

The next time you attend an event, notice all the adults, children and babies (putting their hands to their mouths) while lying, sitting, sleeping, crawling, etc., on the grass or leaning against the trees on which dogs have relieved themselves. Folks, this is not a healthy/sanitary environment for close human contact.

Dog owners visit the plaza to "exercise" their pets. Wrong! Some owners drive to the plaza, open the car door for an excited dog, strenuously pulling its owner, straight-armed, toward that green grass to sniff and to relieve itself. Then, after very little "exercise" it's back to the car and home.

Please, owners, walk your dogs on a leash in your own neighborhood. Better yet, fence your own yard for unrestrained exercise and defecation.

Have you noticed how people bring their pets to events for show; for people to fuss over; for chance admiration/conversation with other pet owners by stopping in the middle of the pedestrian way, thereby forcing people to go around? Get pets off to the side! Better yet, leave them home. The events are for people!

A leash law currently applies at the plaza, city parks and trails. However, people often let their dogs run loose illegally in these places , ignoring signs telling them to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. Officials, stop the offenders!

As a former responsible owner of dogs and a taxpayer, I don't object to using tax funds to help build the proposed doggie park. However, with or without construction of the "doggie park," please, public officials, adopt an ordinance completely banning pets from the plaza and other public places!

Fran Trojanek



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