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Fri, Oct. 18

Cut the excuses;<BR>results of local<BR>Turkey Mixer

Why do people make excuses when they're losing instead of just correcting what they're doing wrong and work on that?

Excuses take away from your concentration, drive and will to win, it's as if you're verbally telling your opponent that you're on the verge of self-destruct.

Then there are those who expect to win every point. If it doesn't happen on the ATP Tour, then why do you think it will be within your ability?

After a few lost points, the racquet starts to be tapped on the ground, thrown against the back fence, you scream and yell, and then once again, it's just a matter of time before the ugly end arrives. Is it any fun for you or your opponent when you reach this point? I don't think so; in fact I know it's not any fun for either.

How about when the person you're playing against who calls all of your shots lucky. "O my gosh, another lucky angle." After awhile it really gets old and you tell yourself that when this is over you won't spend your time calling them again to play tennis.

The "Tanker" makes for the longest match you've ever played. They try until they realize or believe they can't win, then figure that if they throw the match by not trying or going for impossible shots, that they really haven't lost. "Did you lost that match Jason" "No, I was just working on my game."

Unfortunately they grow into this pattern and then it's tough to pull out of it. They also don't get called back again by their opponents for other matches, what for?

Tennis really does put you in pressure situations (at least when you are semi-competitive) that let people see the real you when things get tough, so it can be a good training ground for mental fortitude.

A few years ago I wrote down the 50 most common excuses and if you need a copy I can certainly get you one, but wouldn't you rather see if you can go through a couple sets with only positive thoughts, giving your best for each point and then congratulate your opponent nicely, win or lose?

I'd like to see Prescott become the Shangri-La of the tennis world, where everything is about as good as it gets. People from all around would comment in regard to how nice the facilities are, moderately priced, fun and competitive programs that are going on, and especially the tennis people they meet and play.

"Gee, Bertha, I never even heard them make any excuses, even when they lost to us, did we do something wrong?"


"Turkey Mixer Results" … We played a tournament on a Saturday to see if we'd get different people playing, and maybe we need to try it a few more times before we determine if it makes any difference or not. In the Turkey Mixer Round Robin Mixer this past Sunday, Don (the Human Ball Machine) Jones and Lander Sims won the A division over Brian Buckholtz and Nick Cristea in a 7-0 tie-break.

Semi-finalists were Preston Jantz and Jeff Janik, Stan Preston and Mike Phillips.

Stuart Sussman and Katie Howard had a tough time beating Matt Buckholtz and Fred Goldman. It took a 7-5 tie-break to determine the B division winners. Semi-finalists were Tom Winker and Peter Stevens, Larry Cobb and Nick Buckholtz.

Jenny Cobb pulled off the C division singles championship by defeating newcomer Girard Kelly 5-2.


Last Chance for Ball Person Tryouts Paperwork Dec. 1 … Any juniors 12 or older who would like to be a ball person at the pro tennis events in Scottsdale in March need to get their paper work in by Dec. 1. Come ball the courts at the Roughrider Tennis Center, or call 778-7071 for more information. This is a great experience.

(Chris Howard is a local USTPA tennis professional with over 25 years in the fitness industry).

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