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Sat, Aug. 24

Gun control will not make you any safer

Some of the surveys from special interest groups that go out to media continue to prove that figures lie and liars figure.

The latest benchmark effort is a survey that comes from the New York-based Center on Crime Communities and Culture, a project of The Open Society Institute.

The survey says most states have "severely low levels" of gun control laws and that 42 states lack "even basic gun control laws."

The group describes "fundamental gun control laws" as registration and licensing. It lauds California and Massachusetts for banning private sales of semi-automatic rifles it alludes to as "assault weapons."

Its top-rated states for model gun control laws are Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island. Its lowest-rated states are Maine, Louisiana, Alaska, Texas, Montana, Kentucky, Vermont, North Dakota, Georgia and Arkansas.

Would it not follow that the reason the organization is concerned about the lack of gun control is public safety?

If so, here's some interesting information from the FBI crime statistics. The combined murder rate per 100,000 population in the high-control states is 95.5 people. The same figure for the low-control states is 79.6. Thus, one has a 20 percent greater chance of being a murder victim in the states with high gun control, because they offer the criminal (who doesn't obey any laws) a ready pool of law-abiding, unarmed victims.

The combined robbery rate per 100,000 population in the high control states is 3,105, compared with 1,216 in the low-control states. You are 155 percent more likely to be a robbery victim in the high-control states.

The combined assault rate in the high-control states is 4,455 per 100,000 people, compared to 3,381.8 in the low-control states. You're 32 percent more likely to get mugged in a high-control state. Criminals don't obey laws, and they have assurance you are defenseless.

If this survey were to be a person's main criterion in choosing where to live, smart money would vote on the low-control states.

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