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Wed, Aug. 21

FAQs about our digital subscription-based website

What is changing?

The Daily Courier is expanding online coverage and upgrading the newspaper’s primary website,, to a digital subscription-based site. If you are a current home delivery subscriber you will receive free, unlimited digital access, which print subscribers can register for after July, 17. Nonsubscribers will have the option to purchase one of several subscription offers, including a digital-only subscription at a very affordable rate. Otherwise, without a print or digital subscription you will no longer be able to read Courier news stories for free online.

Why make this change?

As the largest, most read local newsgathering force in Yavapai County our team of reporters work every day to find the news you need. This takes a sustained financial investment and the work of committed professionals.

Like most community newspapers throughout the country, The Daily Courier is dedicated to continuing the mission of providing the very best local news, sports, events, education and civic updates and other hometown happenings. If you are a print edition subscriber, you already recognize that local independent journalism matters.

How does it impact me?

Print subscribers will continue to receive the Daily Courier print edition at home with all the news, features, commentary, magazines, puzzles, games, comics and advertising inserts you’ve come to expect. But now, with your free digital subscription (available after July, 17), you can access more community, state and national news, videos, photo galleries, online maps and other extras that will post throughout the day.

What do I need to do?

Everyone will still be able to view the homepage of with its collection of updated headlines, but only subscribers that are logged in with a registered username will be able to view all of our stories, videos and features, including our 3D page-flip e-edition.

After July, 17, current print subscribers will be able to activate their free digital subscription and receive a username and password by going to:

For personal service or if you have additional questions, please call our customer care center at 928-772-1212.

I’m not a print subscriber. How do I subscribe to the website?

After July, 17, Nonsubscribers will see a subscription prompt and initial offer link on the site articles.

We thank you for your loyal readership.

What if I still have questions?

We’re happy to help. Call our Circulation Department staff at (928) 772-1212, or email us at