Tom Cantlon

Courier Columnist

Tom Cantlon is a local columnists for The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona.

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Column: Leaders who think you’re lazy

I loathe the attitude of those leaders who think the American people are crap. There are numerous who do.

Column: Why those holidays feel good

As I like to remind each year, the holidays just past are a time that pull us many ways.

Column: Housing developments, your role

There’s been a lot of criticism of the recent Deep Well Ranch development approval.

Column: Column Supreme Court’s ridiculous naiveté

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, (D-NJ) just escaped conviction for corruption because of a hung jury.

Column: Preferring Putin over U.S. interests

Trump has taken a step that, in any other time, for any other high office holder, or by any other president, would be the end of the line.

Tease photo

Column: Pictures and poison

Lots to cover, short space: A photo of football players dancing was modified to look like a flag burning, then distributed widely.

Column: White Supremacists reject Christianity

White supremacists don’t like Christian principles or basic American values, but their ideas are spreading and mingling with the edges of traditional conservativism, so traditional conservatives need to clearly know the difference and make their position known.

Column: Dangerous buttons, and not the nuclear one

Knees, distractions, and the finger on the button; and no, not the nuclear button.

Column: North Korea, switch to containment

On North Korea the only option we aren’t considering is the only one that’s likely to come true; that North Korea simply becomes one more country with nuclear missiles, much like Pakistan.

Column: A national change for labor

With Labor Day just passed, I was thinking about what could improve things for workers.

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