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Friday Catchall: Break from nonpartisan blackout

A dull roar has gone up since the City of Prescott elections, with some Courier readers stating it is not fair that a candidate pushed their party affiliation in a nonpartisan race.

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Friday Catchall: Fly our flags, honor veterans

The Friday Catchall: • FLAGS — Our Grand Old Flag, the Stars and Stripes of the USA, has not generated more controversy than whether to kneel or not, except when it was all the rage to burn it or wear it.

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Friday Catchall: Burglary trend spurs in-action?

The Friday Catchall: • BURGLARIES — When you know vehicle burglaries are happening in your area, why would you leave your car unlocked?

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Column: Tales of lost souls, shadows and specters

Ghosts, spooks and specters haunt my thoughts at this time of year: is it magic or a trick — or are they real, like stories with concrete evidence not fully materializing.

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Friday Catchall: The lost art of counting back change

Back in the day, cashiers had to know the prices of all their store’s products.

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Friday Catchall: Give and take — it never ends for taxes, food and APS

The Friday Catchall this week is about giving and taking: • TAXES – We hate ’em and the government wants them.

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Friday Catchall: Hear NIMBYs roar in this nanny state

The Friday Catchall: • NOISE – Music (rather, its noise) took center stage at the Prescott City Council meeting Tuesday, when the city’s noise ordinance was up for review.

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Column: ‘Only the Brave’ is not for everyone

My take: Good movie, wrong time.

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Friday Catchall: What is your measure of success?

Often we do stories here at the Courier about people whom most would say are successful.

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Friday Catchall: Water, dog doo-doo, tax cuts weigh heavily

The Friday Catchall: • WATER – Water is the lifeblood of the Southwest. You begin to understand that quickly when you learn about the Central Arizona Project – a concrete ditch that supplies water from Lake Havasu to Phoenix.

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