Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is a columnist for The Daily Courier.

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Column: The best time of year for a bike ride is now


This is the time of year I really feel our local trails become just about flawless. So much of the foliage is changing color… bringing shades of orange, yellow and red almost everywhere your appreciation might choose to find it.

Column: Finding the best trail for a great outdoor experience


Sometimes all it takes to have a new outdoor experience here in Prescott is to choose a direction and see where the trail might lead you. One of my favorite places to explore is south of town into the Bradshaws.

Column: Prescott Circle Trail, an incredible ride


For those few that are not yet aware, the Prescott Circle Trail is a 55 or so mile loop that circumnavigates our town of Prescott.

Column: My experience at the Chuska Challenge


Last weekend I took the opportunity to explore a part of the state I was not very familiar with.

Column: Riding in the wild means coexisting with wildlife


Long days on the bike mean early starts. Very long days mean even earlier. The other morning I was up well before the sun; a final check of my gear before turning my light on to illuminate the trail ahead. Almost right away I came across a couple deer grazing just off T396. 

Column: On the trail, energy is a powerful thing


Energy. You use it to climb, descend and conquer the trail. Be it through your heart pumping, lungs billowing or legs mimicking pistons. It takes additional effort to turn the bars and balance. Even requires a bit of fuel to power your smile.

Column: Easy access to trails makes Prescott a great place to ride


One of the best things about riding in Prescott is the location and variety of easily accessible trails from downtown. Within four miles in almost any direction you will find a trail head.

Column: Rubber to Trail - Keeping yourself on the path


The trail offers every user a slightly different experience.

Column: My run-in with a mountain lion


The great thing about mountain biking is the adventure. You never know what you might find around the next curve or bend and the fitter you get… the more twists and turns you can cover on each ride.

Column: Best places to catch the setting sun in Prescott


Catching the sunset is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have from the saddle of a mountain bike.

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