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Tips for living with coyotes; rule No. 1 - Don’t feed them

If you live around here long enough, you’re going to have some sort of run in with Canis latrans, or the coyote.

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The astronaut next door remembering Dick Gordon

Richard F. “Dick” Gordon, Jr., who died Nov. 6 at 88, was a U.S. Naval aviator, and a celebrated astronaut who flew as pilot of the Gemini 11 mission in 1966 and Apollo 12’s command module pilot, on the second manned mission to the moon, in 1969.

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’Tis the season for burning leaves, legally

But don’t burn without a permit, fire department says

This time of year, when the leaves pile up, and the trash bags full of them become too much to deal with, many people, especially those who don’t live in a congested area, choose to burn them.

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Police say act quickly when a child goes missing

Police: Don’t waste time, call 911

Here’s a frightening scenario for today’s parents: Your child normally goes to school and returns on his or her own.

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Murdered Arizona teacher stabbed ‘multiple times’ according to medical examiner

A Glendale kindergarten teacher whose body was found in Mayer was the victim of “multiple stab wounds and blunt force injuries to the chest,” according to information released by the Yavapai County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

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2001 Prescott plane crash killed 2, changed lives of 2 survivors forever

LOOKING BACK: A 2001 Fatal Flight

On Dec. 5, 2001, just after 10 a.m., a Cessna 182 took off from Ernest Love Field in Prescott, bound for Ajo.

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Arizona a national leader in pre-trial justice reform

Judge: ‘It’s working in Yavapai County’

A national advocacy group focusing on how defendants are treated while their cases await adjudication awarded Arizona a “B” grade in its first effort to gauge what it calls “pretrial outcomes” across the U.S.

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Two arrested in auto burglaries, police say lock your car doors

Auto burglaries go ‘up and down like a roller coaster’

With vehicle burglaries becoming a common crime of opportunity, law enforcement officers are advising people to take the simplest precaution: lock the doors.

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Study: Most Americans would favor dropping the bomb over a conventional ground war

Are nuclear weapons no longer taboo?

In a world of political posturing grown turbulent, when saber-rattling has become louder than in the past, political scientists from Stanford University and Dartmouth College decided to ask a question: Would Americans support the use of nuclear weapons against civilians to force a nation to surrender?

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Car crashes are leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.

National Teen Driving Week encourages parents, teens to talk about smartphones

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Chino Valley oil patriarch Roy Bennett dies

Roy Bennett, founder of Bennett Oil, died Thursday, Oct. 12, of complications of cancer. He was 80.

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Being a tow driver can be a dangerous, unnerving job

Driver: Repossessing cars offers little drama

When your car breaks down and you can’t just make a quick fix to get rolling again, odds are, you’ll call a tow truck to bring you in.

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Clinical trials bring doctors ‘within striking distance’ of a cure

Arizona Oncology Dr. Iyad Hamarneh in Prescott Valley is heavily involved in clinical trials for drugs use to treat breast cancer, and, he said, great strides in treatment have been made.

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After breast cancer treatment can come lymphedema

It’s serious, but can be treated

Women who have been treated for breast cancer can be at a higher risk for developing lymphedema.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office holds ‘Missing in Arizona Day’

All invited to come to Phoenix-area event to help find missing loved ones

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is inviting anyone with a long-term missing loved one or relative to attend its third annual Missing in Arizona Day event at ASU West this month.

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Firefighters get some help doing the heavy lifting

City couldn’t afford lifting belts, but a local physical therapist stepped in

In 2015, about 68,000 U.S. firefighters were injured on the job, and 27 percent of those were a result of overexertion or strain, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

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Why do domestic abuse victims stay?

Arizona authorities ‘Start by Believing’ domestic violence victims

Jami Tiefenthaler was a victim of domestic violence. Her husband abused her both physically and emotionally.

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Airport manager leaves quietly; Prescott on verge of filling position

Prescott Municipal Airport Manager John Cox quietly left his position in August, and now, the city manager said, new candidates are being interviewed.

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What you need to know to survive an active-shooter incident

Expert: ‘Evil people’ will find a way to carry out their plans

Based on what we know at this point, it may well have been impossible to prevent the shooting rampage that Stephen Paddock undertook on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, Oct. 1.

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TV drama recounting Prescott’s Stelmasek murder case airs Sunday night

The case of the Prescott murder of Craig Stelmasek by his wife, Laura, and her romantic partner, Marzet Farris III, will be featured on the Oxygen Channel’s television network series, “Snapped,” Sunday, Oct. 1.

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School official: Impostor ‘not on our campuses’

Mother says he targeted young girls, sent porn via the internet

Prescott Unified School District Superintendent Joe Howard said Wednesday, Sept. 27, that reports of an adult who had come to Prescott High School and possibly Mile High Middle School campuses masquerading as a student last November are not true.

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Scammers continue to target elderly in Quad Cities

A few days ago, Pauline Long got the phone call any grandmother would dread: Her grandson was in jail in Alabama, the caller said, and asked him to call her to arrange bail.

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My front yard is not your dog’s bathroom

Towns have different laws for handling potty complaints

Dom Bianco had … well, he had a pee problem. A woman who routinely walked her dog past his Prescott home also routinely allowed her dog to urinate on his front yard plants.

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Man accepts plea agreement in porn case

A 25-year-old man who allegedly masqueraded as a middle and high school student and sent female “classmates” pornographic images of himself by social media has agreed to accept a plea agreement, according to court documents.

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Big Nose Kate’s gravemarker found; it was there all the time

The plaque reported missing earlier this week from the Pioneers’ Home grave of Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings, also known as Big Nose Kate, has been found.

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Cold case unit still on murder of Arleen Cilione, 15 years later

Fifteen years after a Prescott woman went missing, the victim of a murder, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is still working the case of Arleen Cilione, said YCSO spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn.

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Stealing History from Arizona Pioneer's Cemetery

Someone took the plaque off Big Nose Kate’s grave

The gravesite of Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings, also known as Big Nose Kate, has been vandalized and a plaque was stolen from the grave marker at the Arizona Pioneers’ Home cemetery.

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DUIs with drugs becoming more common

Arizona DUI arrests hit 26,060 last year, 4,817 of which were impairment by drugs

A report released earlier this year said that the number of fatal crashes nationwide in which drug-impairment was a factor surpassed fatal collisions involving alcohol in 2015.

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Schools look to prevent tardiness with student fines

Remember when being late for class meant a tardy slip and a trip to the principal’s office?

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At Kingman High School, it’s reading, ’riting, and Ruger

Gun club is only school-sanctioned organization like it in Arizona

There’s a gun club at Kingman High School.

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Catching up with some true notables who graduated from Prescott-area colleges

With three colleges in the Prescott area, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they were a starting point for people who have gone on to become successful and, in many cases, well known.

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Police, County Attorney recover over $15,000 taken by con artists

The Cottonwood Police Department and Yavapai County Attorney’s Office have seized $15,500 from a fraud scheme and returned it — through court action — to an elderly couple, according to a news release issued by the County Attorney.

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Woman killed in bicycle accident as son watched

‘Before everything else, she was a very devoted and proud mother.’

Valerie Jean Creek, a well-known community volunteer was killed on Sept. 4 when she was struck by a van while riding her bicycle along with her son on Highway 69.

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Neon hair colors a distraction in class?

Not these days, say educators

Every year, as millions of students around the country return to school, some inevitably run afoul of schools’ dress and appearance codes.

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Silent Witness programs team up on pair of unsolved murder cases

Bodies were found in Yavapai County

The Phoenix Silent Witness program has joined with Yavapai Silent Witness to help solve two cold-case murders, said Steve Skurja, Yavapai Silent Witness program director.

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Labor shortage plagues Quad Cities

There’s a big construction job on the horizon, but there may not be enough workers to build it

With the new Deep Well Ranch master-planned community project planned for vacant ranchland along Highway 89 between Prescott and Chino Valley comes a question.

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Where are the female firefighters?

Chiefs say they’re welcome, but they just don’t apply

Women have been among the ranks of firefighters since the late 1800s, but now, over 130 years later, they still make up a tiny minority of the fire service, with just three in the Quad Cities.

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Slowhand tribute comes to the Elks

Not much needs to be said to introduce the music of Eric Clapton, known for decades as one of the best guitarists in the world.

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Emergency? Code Red alerts keep us informed

In times of major natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey or even wildfires like the Goodwin Fire, authorities need to reach many residents as quickly as possible to notify them of events such as evacuations.

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Prescott Valley’s Patriot Week 2017 honors the fallen

The Town of Prescott Valley’s annual Patriot Week events kick off Saturday, Sept. 8, and continue on until Sept. 15.

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Suicide rate in Yavapai County ‘alarming,’ leads state

Resources to help are available

Yavapai County’s suicide rate has been trending upward since 2010, and — by one statistical measurement, suicides per 100,000 people — the county leads the entire state.

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Police use Taser on girl they mistake for fugitive

She reportedly got what she wanted: to stay here

Prescott Valley police officers in foot pursuit of a teenage girl shocked her with a Taser to force her to stop running toward a busy street Thursday, Aug. 31, PVPD spokesman Sgt. Jason Kaufman said.

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Police use Taser on teen girl they mistake for a fugitive

She reportedly got what she wanted: to stay here

Prescott Valley police officers in foot pursuit of a teenage girl shocked her with a Taser to force her to stop running toward a busy street on Thursday, Aug. 31, PVPD spokesman Sgt. Jason Kaufman said.

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Can your computer be held hostage?

Hackers lock-up your data, demand ransom (money) to free it

If your computer hasn’t been hit by a ransomware attack, count yourself lucky.

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Folk Sessions gears up for its 15th year of concerts

The Folk Sessions radio show presents its 15th year of live concerts in Prescott this season, bringing one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, an A-List Grammy-nominated Nashville songwriter, Bluegrass from The Bay, a guitjo, and its second sing-a-long concert, and first “Acoustic Christmas” performance.

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Keeping the bad guys from listening in

Technology advances so officers can chat in private

For decades now, law enforcement agencies have been beefing up their radio technology to keep unauthorized listeners from hearing their transmissions.

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Motorsports facility speeds ahead, via a detour

Backer looking for different location after hearing concerns

The plan to bring motorsports back to the region has hit a detour. The man behind the Chino Valley racetrack project hinted last week that the location of the track might not be at the Old Home Manor when all is said and done.

Central firefighters give patient transport; state opens investigation

The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, which has filed several complaints against local ambulance provider Life Line Ambulance for slow response times, is now the focus of a state investigation because it transported a patient in a fire engine while on one of those calls.

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Former Prescott resident lives through Hurricane Harvey’s powerful punch

Hurricane Harvey has had an impact much farther inland than many people may recognize.

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No homework? Idea appears to be catching on

In Marion County, Florida, the school superintendent issued a ban on homework in 31 elementary schools for this semester, and it made national headlines.