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Go down the rabbit hole with cast of 'Alice in Wonderland Jr.'

If you’ve never read the Lewis Carroll book, “Alice in Wonderland,” you’ve likely seen the Disney animated version.

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Swarm Weather! What you should do if you encounter bees

As a child, you probably heard the old adage, “If you don’t hurt bees, they won’t hurt you.”

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You live in the best Prescott, but how do the 13 others stack up?

There are at least 13 cities, towns, or places named “Prescott” in the U.S.

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How to beat the steep price of ambulance and medical helicopter service

Cost of medical transportation

An ambulance ride, if you’re in an automobile crash or fall and break a leg, comes with a steep price tag; in Yavapai County, it can cost over $1,600.

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Prescott judge appointed to Arizona Court of Appeals

Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Jennifer B. Campbell has been appointed to Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Central Arizona Fire Chief files complaint against board member

Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Chief Scott Freitag has lodged a written complaint against ViciLee Jacobs, a member of the Central Yavapai Fire District board, claiming she has made “unsubstantiated accusations” against him and his command staff, some of which he warned were potentially defamatory.

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Wet in winter, fire in summer: Rain, snow create dangerous conditions for wildfires to burn

It’s practically a given that winter rains in the mountains of Arizona mean beautiful vegetation in spring, with blooming flowers and temporarily verdant hillsides.

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Prescott Fire ends station brownouts

Grant money pays for more firefighters until 2019

The Prescott Fire Department, which has been “browning-out” Station 73 at the airport since January 2016 for lack of staff, has added enough employees that it will no longer have to continue the practice.

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Big ideas, Big flops: Some ideas seemed good at the time but turned out to be bad decisions

Sometimes, people come up with ideas that seem great at the time, but flop miserably.

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Complaints about police take many forms

Only 19 complaints in nearly 80,000 calls for service

Complaints lodged against police officers aren’t usually about exposing corruption or malfeasance. They’re more commonly about day-to-day issues that happen in the course of a cop’s day.

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