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Black Canyon City man threatened suicide to avoid prison

A 54-year-old man held law enforcement officers at bay on Sunday, Aug. 20, by threatening to detonate an explosive device made with black powder in his pocket, according to Yavapai County Sheriff’s spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn.

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Survey: Arizona is harshest on DUI offenders

Polk says enough laws are on the books; judges must now act on them

Arizona is the harshest state in the U.S. when it comes to DUI offenders, according to a survey by economic website

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County attorney dismisses charges against Goodwin Fire drone pilot

Case will return to sheriff’s office based on new evidence

The Yavapai County Attorney has dismissed the charges against Gene Carpenter, the man arrested for operating his drone in the restricted airspace over the Goodwin Fire in June.

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Linda Ronstadt tribute comes to the Elks Theatre Aug. 19

Before multi-platinum vocalist Linda Ronstadt’s voice was taken by Parkinson’s disease in 2012, she released over 30 studio albums and recorded 21 singles that made the top 40, 10 in the top 10, three at number 2, and one that went to number 1, “You’re No Good.”

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Study: Smartphones distract, even when not in use

Could smartphones make you ... dumb?

Your smartphone may be using your brainpower even when you’re not on it, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin concluded this spring.

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PCA’s 2017-18 season offers familiar shows and a couple of new ones, too

The Prescott Center for the Arts 2017-18 season could be summed up as “comfort theatre.”

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Many 911 calls tie up resources for non-emergencies

Is it urgent, or not? If not, don’t call 911

Most people know calling 911 is for emergencies only. But what’s an emergency?

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Police rarely enforce shopping cart thefts

This theft comes with its own getaway wheels

You may be surprised to learn that Arizona has a state law that specifically prohibits theft of shopping carts.

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Loving trails to death

Four-wheeling, bikes, horses, can damage trails during the monsoon

With the quad-city area receiving some much-needed monsoon rain, the trails that 4x4 enthusiasts and horseback riders like the most are susceptible to serious, long-term damage caused by use, said Debbie Maneely, spokeswoman for the Prescott National Forest.

Police chiefs don’t agree with Trump’s suggestion to be ‘rough’ with prisoners

Spokeswoman says he was joking

Quad-city police chiefs said Tuesday, Aug. 1, that they don’t agree with President Donald J. Trump’s suggestions to be “rough” with suspects, made Friday before an assembly of New York police officers.

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