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Local cops share stories from life on the beat

Tales from beyond the blue line

Cops see a lot of weird things in their line of work, and the longer their career, the more they experience.

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Legislation: If you don’t have a wheelchair, don’t park here

Individuals who are simply handicapped would be prohibited from parking in spaces that are specifically reserved for wheelchair users if Rep. Noel Campbell, R-Prescott, has his way.

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Caregiver accused of theft faces new charges

A caregiver who was arrested on charges that she stole nearly $190,000 from a woman for whom she was caring is facing new charges after a second woman came forward to report that the caregiver had stored thousands of dollars of stolen items in her house, said Dwight D’Evelyn, Sheriff’s spokesman.

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‘Elf Jr. – The Musical’ keeps the holiday spirit rolling

If you don’t know the plot of the 2003 movie “Elf,” (a) you’ve been missing out on a new holiday tradition, and (b) how could you miss out on this new holiday tradition?

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Caregiver accused of ripping off elderly victim for $190,000

A caregiver has been arrested and charged with stealing $190,000 from an 89-year-old blind woman, according to Yavapai County Sheriff’s spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn.

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Police officers carry drug that fights heroin OD

Police here are the latest in the Quad Cities to train officers to carry Narcan, which can stop a heroin overdose.

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Got a medical marijuana card? You can’t own a gun

Federal law prohibits selling firearms to marijuana users

If you hold a medical marijuana card in Arizona, you cannot possess a firearm.

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2007 Bagdad murder suspect arrested

Anthony Richards has been charged with first-degree murder in the 2007 death of Larry Powers.

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Sunday symphony concert to present wide variety of music

So you say you don’t like “classical” music? Symphonic music makes you yawn, does it?

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Sniffing dogs help get rid of bed bugs

For anyone who has dealt with the irritating bites of bedbugs, that cute little rhyme about not letting “the bedbugs bite” is anything but cute.

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