Richard F. (Buz) Williams

R.F. "Buz" Williams is a consummate conservative whose utterances appear periodically in the "Our readers speak."

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Column: It’s not race, it’s about good parenting

In July we traveled up to Montana. It was the 50th wedding anniversary for some friends of ours that we’ve known more than 30 years.

Column: The dignity of work

In one of his speeches a month or so ago, President Trump was touting one of his job programs and used the term, “the dignity of work.”

Column: Do something for someone else

“Who makes a difference? You do! Do something for someone else! The world can change through your efforts. It’s a powerful way to feel good and reduce stress.”

Column: A time for courage and perseverance

President Donald Trump has been in office for six months.

Column: Men and women do have their differences

Men and women may be of the same species, but they are two entirely different animals.

Column: Why the left tries to suppress free speech

Far leftist extremists have several tactics to minimize or negate conservatives and their agenda.

Column: Unsung hero

Every year we take our RV to the Gold Country of California for the annual Long Beach Police Reunion, known as “Substation North.”

Column: Rename the political parties

The two major parties in the United States need to be renamed to more accurately reflect their true political positions in the world.

Column: ‘There is no greater love than this...’

In early 1974, while in the Long Beach Police Academy, one of the instructors was debriefing our class on the murder of two of our police officers that occurred in 1967.

Column: Recognizing law enforcement

Every year, Prescott Elks Lodge No. 330 honors local law enforcement officers who have been selected by their departments for recognition.

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