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Community volunteer goes the extra mile for veterans

A true patriot, Patsy Ray has a heart for all the men and women of this nation’s Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives to thwart seen, and unseen, enemies for the sake of loved ones and strangers.

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Prescott educators to see significant pay hikes in next school year

Prescott Unified School District teachers will get an 11 percent raise this school year.

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Prescott VA nursing home earns lowest rating in nation

The local VA medical center director declared on Tuesday afternoon that care for the most vulnerable, and difficult to treat veterans is today, and will remain, a top priority for the facility that just earned the lowest rating in the nation for its 85-bed nursing home, known as the Community Living Center (CLC).

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Vigilant volunteer stays busy

Retired Air Force pilot and Citizens Cemetery caretaker respected for duty to country and community

The phone rings at Bob Bakken’s house. The caller is from Yavapai Citizens Cemetery Association Chairperson Julie Holst telling him someone has dropped off a bag of undocumented cremains at the now-closed burial ground.

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Memories vivid for those missing dads on Father’s Day

Diane Roberts DeLong cherishes the memory of her “little” 6-year-old hand in the big hand of her young hero, her father, Morgan Roberts, as they viewed the eruption of Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

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Dogs enriching lives: Selection of service animals requires patience and training

At age 7, Andrew Tunstall is a typical rambunctious boy who likes cartoons, playing outdoors and snuggling in his mother’s lap.

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Prescott Valley couple find ‘blessing’ in reaching out to neighbors

Fred and JoAnn Williams at the ready to offer helping hand

If you live near the Tapestry at Granville apartment complex in Prescott Valley, or travel up and down Glassford Hill Road, it’s likely you have seen JoAnn Williams, a tanned woman with short dark hair and baseball cap.

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DeLong is a passionate crusader for teens

Diane DeLong is a woman who gets things done — with teenagers her top priority.

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Talking about suicide

The topic should not be shunned with teens, parents and adult mentors

The latest celebrity death by suicide this week makes it no less tough for parents, therapists, youth mentors and teens to wrestle with the realities of mental anguish that makes life seem impossible.

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People of all ages reconnect with board games

In the back of many a closet can be found collapsing cardboard boxes filled with missing Monopoly tokens, chipped Parcheesi pieces, or the forgotten ice cream cone that caused a brain freeze for the plastic patient in the old game of Operation. Or maybe a half deck of Old Maid cards.

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