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Column: Look what one immigrant family can accomplish

Northern Arizona Suns basketball player Peter Jok didn’t hesitate when I asked him where his family’s commitment to giving back comes from.

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Column: Station 7 finds new life after tragedy

Kim Gagnon and her husband Bill are the new owners of Station 7, the base for the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Column: Citizen Sain: Just doing my civic duty

I’ve had three previous summons for jury duty, but never sat on an actual jury.

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Column: The consequences of doing something stupid

I like to tell myself that most people do something incredibly stupid when they’re young, but perhaps that’s just to excuse my own idiocy.

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Column: Arizona wants corporations, but forgot one thing

Amazon announced plans to open a second world headquarters and promised $5 billion in investments, causing cities across North America to come up with innovative ideas the company to bring those 50,000 “high-paying” jobs to their town.

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Column: Boy Scouts are simply trying to survive

I have vague recollections from my freshman year of everyone at Washington High School in Phoenix leaving class to go stand on Glendale Avenue so we could wave to President Gerald Ford as his motorcade drove past.

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Column: Sleeping in a barn helped Mengarelli discover his love of rural lifestyle

Most people remember fondly their living arrangements in college, despite the often cramped dorm rooms and a diverse cast of roommates.

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Column: Wilcox trying to become just the second woman to be mayor of this city

Out of high school, Jean Wilcox said she received a full scholarship to Tufts University in Boston, which has consistently been ranked among the top schools in the nation.

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Columns: Love of nature unites Prescott’s mayoral candidates

They may have some disagreements on policy or the future they envision for Prescott, but the two candidates to be the city’s next mayor both became interested in public service because of their love for nature and its resources.

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Column: Being patriotic when it’s not easy

Patriotism is easy when there is no cost to you. True patriotism shows when there is a cost, when it hurts to show how much you love your country.

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Column: Many benefits to staging just one election

In a few weeks early voting begins (Oct. 11) for the Prescott city general election and voters have to be wondering, why are we doing this again?

Column: Trans people face enough, they don’t need more

There is a street in Washington, D.C., where transgender prostitutes loiter, working for a living. When I worked at the Washington Blade newspaper, we did many stories on these kids, for in many cases, that is who they are.

Column: Don’t debate liars, or the uninformed

An actual comment to our newsroom: “Compare President Trump’s quick response to Harvey with the dismal response of Obama to Katrina! Yet, no word of praise for our President! Anyone else sick of liberals yet?”

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Column: Share a meme, and make Putin smile

I have this image of Vladimir Putin sitting back, sipping vodka, and smiling as he catches up on the news from the United States.

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Column: Confederate monuments, not an easy decision

It’s difficult for me to understand my position on removing Confederate monuments because two core parts of who I am are in conflict.

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Column: To get rid of hate, get rid of labels

It’s rare when I have trouble writing a column, but this one has not been easy.

Column: Watching TV can make you really angry

Typically, I don’t watch a lot of mainstream television. I’m watching Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video and skipping the ads.

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Column: The maverick saves his party, and the country

No one knows how many more pivotal votes John McCain has left in his tenure in Congress.

Column: The president has a very difficult choice to make

A few thoughts from a Sain mind: The toughest decision of President Trump’s tenure could come this week.

Column: Don’t tell my party, but I could have backed a Republican

I’ll let you in on a secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone in the Green Party. They’ll never let me back in if they find out.

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Column: Something I rarely say, thanks and great job

As we age we become painfully aware of our own faults. Well, maybe that’s not true for everyone, but it is for me.

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Column: Can you be there, if you’re not really there?

There is this old tradition that amused me to no end when I lived in Baltimore.

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Column: Frustration mounts, what should we do about it?

The biggest mistake made in Iraq was made by the Iraqis themselves, in my view. There was a period when peace was possible, but it required short memories.

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Column: Shed a tear for one less ninja in the world

Long before adulthood and reality teach us otherwise, one of the greatest aspects of being young is that no limits have been placed on our dreams.

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Column: Rejected in death, the tragedy after the tragedy

One year ago today a man walked into the gay nightclub “Pulse” in Orlando on Latin night and slaughtered 49 people. That tragedy we are all familiar with.

Column: Doing my best to represent the United States

When I travel in a foreign country I consider it my duty to be a good ambassador for my nation.

Column: ‘13 Reasons’ to have a difficult, uncomfortable conversation

When I was a young boy, way back when there were only three networks and that independent station that carried Wallace & Ladmo in Phoenix (no one in my house watched PBS), the “Wizard of Oz” came on once a year, usually around Thanksgiving.

Column: Put yourself in the body of a young black man

We were kicking around some ideas for editorials in our office and one person on the editorial board said we should do one on police shootings.

Column: Keep Kansas in mind while slashing our taxes

President Donald Trump and Congress are talking about revising the federal tax code, once again repeating the Republican talking points of how lowering taxes spurs job growth and will revive the economy.

Column: It’s time to choose character over characters

When someone mighty falls, I tend to be quiet, so I have nothing to say about Bill O’Reilly.

Column: There is another way to do your taxes

Taxes are in the news lately, what with tax day nearly here (due Tuesday, April 18, this year) and our representatives in Congress wanting to rewrite the tax code if they can ever figure out what they’re doing on health care.

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Column: Arizona lawmakers need some common sense

Thoughts from a Sain mind:

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Column: Clean air, water should not be partisan issues

After arriving in Beijing in December 2013, my friend Peng gave me a “welcome to China” package to help me during my two-week vacation.

Column: Reality slaps down the Party of No

Governing is hard. Being in opposition is easy.

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Column: Climate change deniers now work for the EPA

The Great Barrier Reef off of Australia is dying.

Column: So how do you get a letter published in the Courier?

Say whatever else you want about him, but President Donald Trump has been great for journalism.

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Column: I need a good debate, missing my friend Chris

The last time I saw Chris was at our annual fantasy football convention in Toronto.

Point-Counterpoint: Should journalists be licensed?

The President of the United States has called the media an “enemy of the people.”

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Column: An open letter to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo, you blew it.

Column: Knock, knock: Please save me Mr. Ken

The 15-year-old neighbor boy knocked on my door one day.

Column: Trump supporters, the nation is in your hands

Michael, my roommate when we were both at Arizona State University, texted me soon after the election.

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Column: Removing toxic material from the debate

This is actually the second version of this column. The first took some swipes at conservatives that did nothing to enhance our political discourse, but it made me feel good for a moment and temporarily appeased my anger.

Column: Kudos to those who stand up for others

I met a young man, let’s call him Sam, who is a student at Arizona State University. We had a lot in common, including both being Sun Devils, Doctor Who fans and love of movies and video games.

Column: Feeling betrayed, need a new team

When the Arizona Cardinals were in the Super Bowl in 2008, people came up to congratulate me.

Column: The naked truth behind nude weddings

I’ll confess, I’ve never touched a bridal magazine. In fact, I’ve never even looked in that direction on the magazine rack.

Column: Watching next 4 years will be painful, but fun

A role reversal is about to take place in American politics.

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Column: A liberal’s lament: The Obama years

Eight years ago I was among those freezing on the Mall as Barack Obama took the oath of office.

P&Z recommends approving 224 apartments

Residents express concerns about traffic, water

When Hawksnest was first proposed in 2006, it was envisioned to become Chino Valley’s first gated community.

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Historic home stands in way of Chino Valley's Road 1 North light

The Town of Chino Valley and Yavapai County officials are moving ahead with plans for a traffic light at Road 1 North and Highway 89 in response to numerous car crashes there.

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Outgoing mayor leaves legacy of change in Chino Valley

Chino Valley Mayor Chris Marley plans to gavel in his final Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13, where he will hand over the job he won in a very close election in 2011.