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Column: Boy Scouts are simply trying to survive

I have vague recollections from my freshman year of everyone at Washington High School in Phoenix leaving class to go stand on Glendale Avenue so we could wave to President Gerald Ford as his motorcade drove past.

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Column: Wilcox trying to become just the second woman to be mayor of this city

Out of high school, Jean Wilcox said she received a full scholarship to Tufts University in Boston, which has consistently been ranked among the top schools in the nation.

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Column: Sleeping in a barn helped Mengarelli discover his love of rural lifestyle

Most people remember fondly their living arrangements in college, despite the often cramped dorm rooms and a diverse cast of roommates.

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Columns: Love of nature unites Prescott’s mayoral candidates

They may have some disagreements on policy or the future they envision for Prescott, but the two candidates to be the city’s next mayor both became interested in public service because of their love for nature and its resources.

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Column: Being patriotic when it’s not easy

Patriotism is easy when there is no cost to you. True patriotism shows when there is a cost, when it hurts to show how much you love your country.

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Column: Many benefits to staging just one election

In a few weeks early voting begins (Oct. 11) for the Prescott city general election and voters have to be wondering, why are we doing this again?

Column: Trans people face enough, they don’t need more

There is a street in Washington, D.C., where transgender prostitutes loiter, working for a living. When I worked at the Washington Blade newspaper, we did many stories on these kids, for in many cases, that is who they are.

Column: Don’t debate liars, or the uninformed

An actual comment to our newsroom: “Compare President Trump’s quick response to Harvey with the dismal response of Obama to Katrina! Yet, no word of praise for our President! Anyone else sick of liberals yet?”

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Column: Share a meme, and make Putin smile

I have this image of Vladimir Putin sitting back, sipping vodka, and smiling as he catches up on the news from the United States.

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Column: Confederate monuments, not an easy decision

It’s difficult for me to understand my position on removing Confederate monuments because two core parts of who I am are in conflict.

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