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Column: It’s time to choose character over characters

When someone mighty falls, I tend to be quiet, so I have nothing to say about Bill O’Reilly.

Column: There is another way to do your taxes

Taxes are in the news lately, what with tax day nearly here (due Tuesday, April 18, this year) and our representatives in Congress wanting to rewrite the tax code if they can ever figure out what they’re doing on health care.

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Column: Arizona lawmakers need some common sense

Thoughts from a Sain mind:

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Column: Clean air, water should not be partisan issues

After arriving in Beijing in December 2013, my friend Peng gave me a “welcome to China” package to help me during my two-week vacation.

Column: Reality slaps down the Party of No

Governing is hard. Being in opposition is easy.

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Column: Climate change deniers now work for the EPA

The Great Barrier Reef off of Australia is dying.

Column: So how do you get a letter published in the Courier?

Say whatever else you want about him, but President Donald Trump has been great for journalism.

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Column: I need a good debate, missing my friend Chris

The last time I saw Chris was at our annual fantasy football convention in Toronto.

Point-Counterpoint: Should journalists be licensed?

The President of the United States has called the media an “enemy of the people.”

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Column: An open letter to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo, you blew it.

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