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Column: An open letter to Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo, you blew it.

Column: Knock, knock: Please save me Mr. Ken

The 15-year-old neighbor boy knocked on my door one day.

Column: Trump supporters, the nation is in your hands

Michael, my roommate when we were both at Arizona State University, texted me soon after the election.

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Column: Removing toxic material from the debate

This is actually the second version of this column. The first took some swipes at conservatives that did nothing to enhance our political discourse, but it made me feel good for a moment and temporarily appeased my anger.

Column: Kudos to those who stand up for others

I met a young man, let’s call him Sam, who is a student at Arizona State University. We had a lot in common, including both being Sun Devils, Doctor Who fans and love of movies and video games.

Column: Feeling betrayed, need a new team

When the Arizona Cardinals were in the Super Bowl in 2008, people came up to congratulate me.

Column: The naked truth behind nude weddings

I’ll confess, I’ve never touched a bridal magazine. In fact, I’ve never even looked in that direction on the magazine rack.

Column: Watching next 4 years will be painful, but fun

A role reversal is about to take place in American politics.

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Column: A liberal’s lament: The Obama years

Eight years ago I was among those freezing on the Mall as Barack Obama took the oath of office.

P&Z recommends approving 224 apartments

Residents express concerns about traffic, water

When Hawksnest was first proposed in 2006, it was envisioned to become Chino Valley’s first gated community.

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