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Column: Hey buddy, can you spare $1.26 billion?

According to the Treasury Department’s website, United States taxpayers must chip in to pay $1,256,280,239.21 on interested on our federal debt.

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Column: Cheering for those who boo the national anthem

In Hong Kong, Chinese soccer fans have been known to stand respectfully while the visiting team’s national anthem plays.

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Column: Some talk family values, but don’t live them

Ask a gay person and they’ll let you in on a secret. The biggest homophobes are often closeted gay people.

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Column: There’s no way I’d ever drink the Kool-Aid

I’ve been thinking recently of Jim Jones and the 1978 tragedy at Jonestown, still not understanding how so many could drink the Kool-Aid.

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Column: Look what one immigrant family can accomplish

Northern Arizona Suns basketball player Peter Jok didn’t hesitate when I asked him where his family’s commitment to giving back comes from.

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Column: Station 7 finds new life after tragedy

Kim Gagnon and her husband Bill are the new owners of Station 7, the base for the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Column: Citizen Sain: Just doing my civic duty

I’ve had three previous summons for jury duty, but never sat on an actual jury.

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Column: The consequences of doing something stupid

I like to tell myself that most people do something incredibly stupid when they’re young, but perhaps that’s just to excuse my own idiocy.

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Column: Arizona wants corporations, but forgot one thing

Amazon announced plans to open a second world headquarters and promised $5 billion in investments, causing cities across North America to come up with innovative ideas the company to bring those 50,000 “high-paying” jobs to their town.

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Column: Boy Scouts are simply trying to survive

I have vague recollections from my freshman year of everyone at Washington High School in Phoenix leaving class to go stand on Glendale Avenue so we could wave to President Gerald Ford as his motorcade drove past.

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