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7:43 AM Tue, Sept. 25th

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Jerry Jackson

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Jackson: McCain’s grace recalls playful local ‘birther’ hubbub

I can’t agree more with the tons of accolades extolling the life and deeds of that wonderful patriot and statesman, Sen. John McCain.

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CVPD looking for partners in lifesaving

Process began a few years ago

The Chino Valley Police Department is looking to partner and collaborate with the community to help in the Stop the Bleed program, according to a news release from Lieutenant Vincent Schaan.

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Jackson: Program helps farmers in undeveloped nations

In the business sales world of today, pursuit of the almighty dollar is the over-riding consideration aimed at maximum profit, which is fine.

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Air Force Academy grad, NCAA champion gymnast ‘back home’

I’m an inveterate “achiever believer” and would like to pass along a top-drawer candidate for said recognition. The “Oscar” goes to … hello, drumbeat … Marci McGlinn Rogers!

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Jackson: Physician’s fund in Chamberlain’s capable hands

Poetically speaking, it’s a unity anchored in perpetuity.

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Jackson: Midwest boy trades farm life for rocket engines

Prescott’s Jerry R. Johnson has come a long way since starting life as a farm boy in Corwith, Iowa, in the 1930s, before going on to play a major role in America’s space program.

Jackson column: You’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you give to Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids is jointly sponsored by the Prescott Noon Lions Club, the Knights of Columbus of Prescott’s Sacred Heart Church and Mandalay Homes of Prescott.

Jackson Column: Friend’s Facebook entry noteworthy

Those of you who don’t know Stan Brown and his wife Ruthie are missing out.

Column: A semi-silly pursuit of words in the dictionary

It’s a semi-silly something that I’ve pursued in the past that involves tacking on trite reactions to some of the headers that grace the top of every dictionary depicting the first and last words to be found on each page.

Column: Nostalgic nerd reflects on moments in Lubbock, Texas

Yeah, I’m an unabashed inveterate nostalgia nerd.

Column: Lots to consider on issue of Kirkland Mine

Now, about the brouhaha that’s been brewing.

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Column: Local writer’s thrilling novel a new look at Kennedy’s Camelot

Chris Hoy knows of what he speaks and speaks knowingly of it.

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Column: Previous column led to visit by South Koreans

A Courier column published four years ago was instrumental in bringing to Prescott early last month a vibrant group of young people with the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK).

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Column: Saying goodbye to two of Prescott’s humanitarians

The oversized hearts of two exceptional Prescott Noon Lions ceased to function this past June on consecutive days.

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Column: An adventurous life — pawsitively

Just for the pure fun of it, I’d like to donate today’s allotted space to a guest column written by a very talented golden retriever named Avery.

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Column: New meaning for the phrase ‘give til it hurts’

Marv Betts is in the selfless business of helping to save and enhance lives through osmosis.

Column: Rethink unecessary road projects

Just a poignant plea for prioritization regarding a couple of road construction projects in the area:

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Column: Twins will celebrate 100th birthday this month

Anna Parker was born May 22, 1917, in Chicago. Emma Weiss was born on that same date, also in Chicago.

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Column: Metal dragon sculpture a gift for special woman

The arrival was a surprisal when Rick Hartner delivered the fabulously fierce but beautifully bespectacled dragon to Jean Lutz at her Prescott home last month.

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Column: Experience shows guardian angels are everywhere

There must’ve been a guardian angel on hand — naw, make that a whole passel of guardian angels — 75 years ago when Ronny de Jong, along with her mother and a younger sister, managed to survive the crushing occupation by the Japanese of their home in Java in the Dutch East Indies during World War II.

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Column: Poynter’s pointers help adults learn English

Dexterity. Diversity. Livability. These are among the refinements and enhancements cushioning the ESL program at Yavapai College while helping its graduates bridge any cultural gaps.

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Column: Bob Cornett, Marine at heart, will be missed

It was a bright, invigorating morning this past Thursday at the Prescott National Cemetery – a perfect setting in which to honor a correspondingly bright, invigorating man named Bob Cornett who passed away on Dec. 11 at the age of 85.

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Column: From whirligig to sit-a-spell shovel, metal arts amaze

Yeah, they let their imaginations run wild while applying their mettle to the metal, and the results were downright delightful.

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Column: Oct. 29 event highlights local murder stories

“Murder, She Wrote” – the crime drama TV series starring Angela Lansbury that aired from 1984 to 1996 – was fascinating, but fiction. However, the brutal murders of three Prescott residents are strictly fact-based, and the author of two books ...

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Column: ‘Noteworthy’ delivers, gives back

In the Mood for a Sentimental Journey? Then pack up all your cares and woes, brush off the clouds and cheer up, put on a happy face and direct your feet to The Sunny Side of Rosser Street on Oct. 22 for a fun time.

Column: Fun with frozen foodstuffs

How many of you readers remember the Fudgesicle “free sticks”?

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Column: Lions service runs deep for Joe Preston

“We serve” is the familiar clarion call of Lions Clubs International – the world’s largest service organization whose 1.4 million members in 200-plus countries work to improve the lives of those in need. And one of those servers who scaled LCI’s highest pinnacle is right here in our own backyard.

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Column: Sun rises on books by Ronny Herman de Jong

It was almost three-quarters of a century ago when Ronny Herman de Jong’s dream in Java – an island in the Dutch East Indies known as “one of the beautiful gems in the Emerald Girdle” – turned abruptly into a nightmare.

Column: Sharing more of George Carlin’s lighter thoughts

Hey, Carlinophiles, listen up! I know it’s been a long dry spell since you’ve heard anything new from old George – after all, he died eight years ago – but there’s a new day dawning after hearing from the comedian’s long-time publicist in Santa Monica, Calif.

Column: Carlin ‘nun’ too funny, inspires thoughts

Last week’s column focusing on some of the wit and wisdom of the late comedian George Carlin struck a chord with Prescott reader Tim Anderson, who alerted me that Carlin “was my absolute favorite comedian” whose “brand of humor is classic.”

Column: Sharing George Carlin’s lighter thoughts

The late George Carlin will probably never go down as one of the master philosophers of our time, but the guy’s right up there at the top of MY list.

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Column: Taos lunch ‘made my day’

With tongue embedded firmly in cheek, let me tell you about a wonderfully serendipitous thing that happened to me in Taos, New Mexico, on Saturday, Aug. 6, in the year of our Lord 2016 A.D., involving a 1978 comedy/action movie as a reference point.

Column: Practicing to be a putdown artist

Put-downs … and comebacks on the heels of put-downs … are art forms that I deeply admire, but I’ve always been incapable of voicing either one of the things because they demand a quick wit, of which I’m devoid.

Column: Typos good for a giggle

You’re no doubt aware of Mark Twain’s cautionary confession that he decided to stop reading the medical journals in doctors’ offices, prompted by his fear that he might end up dying of a typographical error.

Column: We’re much better off in 2016 than 1968

This past Saturday’s Courier op-ed page included an article by syndicated columnist Dick Polman headlined “Take a breath, folks, 2016 is not 1968” in which he wrote that “I can state with a high degree of confidence that America was far, far worse in 1968.”

Column: Toni Tennille pens memoir of time before fame, Prescott

Warm. Wonderful. Exuberant. Outgoing. Statuesque. (Yeah, she’s 5-foot-11.)

Column: More ‘dictionary duos’ for your reading pleasure

As promised in last week’s column focusing on my duly-dubbed “dictionary duo didoes” – those “from-to” references at the top of pages that provide helpful guidelines to word seekers – following is Part 2 (from “n” to “z”) as the capper-offer to the June 28 onslaught of somewhat supercilious silliness making up the “a” to “m” crowd.

Column: Dictionary pairs make for some strange associations

I have a certain weird fascination for those “headers” at the top of pages in dictionaries that are a big help when it comes to looking up words when searching for spellings and definitions.

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Column: Bidding a fond farewell to pastor, wife

There’s a big bash brewing this Sunday, June 26, at the Prescott United Methodist Church – a Lollapalooza luau at which congregants will congregate for a send-off soiree honoring Pastor Dave Alberts and his wife Mary.

Column: Join in the fun at Lions Pancake Breakfast Saturday, June 11

It is without compunction that I invite you to this Saturday’s flapjack function junction, which is at the corner of East Gurley and Alarcon streets in downtown Prescott.

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Column: Celebrating a life well-lived

Let me tell you about Julie Main, a downright dandy D-day damsel who fought the good fight by “giving to the living” right up until May 23 when ovarian cancer cut her life too short.

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Column: Charlie Phillips, a longtime Prescottonian

Actually, had a friend of mine – Lynne Murphy – not emailed me earlier this month I might never have had the chance to meet and schmooze with J. Charles Phillips.

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Column: New book tackles lives of caregivers

A daisy whose stem is secured in a vise’s firm grip is portrayed on the cover of Juanita Murphy’s book – “Entrapped.”

Column: Influential folks found all around the world

My May 2 – May 9 Time mag, which arrived on April 23 (go figure!), featured photos and brief write-ups focusing on the magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” of 2016.

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Column: This old soldier gets overdue recognition

I’ve never fully understood the premise related to General Douglas MacArthur’s famous “old soldiers never die; they just fade away” quote borrowed from a barracks ballad that he uttered in a farewell speech to Congress in 1951 after being put out to pasture by President Truman.

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Column: Prescott woman’s book finally a reality

Prescott’s Ann Miller got a little help from a friend during the writing of her “Parallel Passages” novel, which delves into three perilous periods in our nation’s history.

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Column: Concerts at Prescott United Methodist Church feature return of Pepper Choplin

That fellow with the spicy given name – Pepper Choplin – is heading back to Prescott this weekend after a five-year hiatus.

Column: Lions food drive more important than ever

A cutback in grants, coupled with a depletion in donations, have combined to place the Yavapai Food Bank between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Column: A tale of two teachers

Why did two young longtime friends reveling in the comfortable “high society” of Auburn, New York, abandon it all a hundred years ago in order to accept teaching jobs in the wilds of northwest Colorado?