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12:43 PM Fri, Jan. 18th

Jerry Jackson

Courier columnist

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Jackson: Come check out all the library offers this year

Those of us of a certain age will remember that witty ditty arrived in ’55 and was popularized by Old Blue Eyes.

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Jackson: A former Texas football great’s legacy lives on

What do four football quarterbacks equate to? One FULLback! But enough of the silliness and on to the seriousness, which concerns a family-based football foursome.

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Jackson: 1950s, 60s were the best easy-listening musical era

In my opinion, which admittedly is very humble, there will never be another easy-listening musical era comparable to the 1950s and ’60s.

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Jackson: The importance of detecting early vision problems in children

Children seldom complain about vision problems. Rather, according to the Eyes on Learning Vision Coalition, “they believe everyone sees the world the way they do.” But the coalition notes that “80 percent of children’s learning is through their eyes.

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Jackson: McCain’s grace recalls playful local ‘birther’ hubbub

I can’t agree more with the tons of accolades extolling the life and deeds of that wonderful patriot and statesman, Sen. John McCain.

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CVPD looking for partners in lifesaving

Process began a few years ago

The Chino Valley Police Department is looking to partner and collaborate with the community to help in the Stop the Bleed program, according to a news release from Lieutenant Vincent Schaan.

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Jackson: Program helps farmers in undeveloped nations

In the business sales world of today, pursuit of the almighty dollar is the over-riding consideration aimed at maximum profit, which is fine.

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Air Force Academy grad, NCAA champion gymnast ‘back home’

I’m an inveterate “achiever believer” and would like to pass along a top-drawer candidate for said recognition. The “Oscar” goes to … hello, drumbeat … Marci McGlinn Rogers!

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Jackson: Physician’s fund in Chamberlain’s capable hands

Poetically speaking, it’s a unity anchored in perpetuity.

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