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Stop and go on Highway 69

Traffic signal timing challenge with traffic flow

Chris Pikula said he moved to the area about six months ago and one thing he’s noticed in particular is the timing of the traffic lights on Highway 69.

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Freezing for fun: Polar Bears brave chilly water (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Coming up out of the water, Ashley Lenzi said she felt like an ice cube following her fourth year of participating in Prescott Valley’s Polar Bear Splash.

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State takes $2.3 million back from Humboldt Unified School District

HUSD left with only $300,000 for its capital improvements

Humboldt Unified School District Governing Board Vice President Suzie Roth voiced her frustration with the state legislators, stating how little they value education.

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Bathroom tokens?: More than money ends up in Salvation Army kettles

There are all kinds of things that wind up in a Salvation Army kettle during the holidays, said Salvation Army member Jeff Gavroy, noting that other than money, people can drop in anything from pocket lint to pieces of jewelry.

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CLEARED: State AG says police chief didn’t break law

Arizona’s attorney general has decided that Prescott Valley Police Chief Bryan Jarrell did not break any laws for comments he made during a local election.

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What you can do to prevent stolen packages during the holidays

About two months ago, Prescott Valley resident Mark Peterson said his neighborhood got brand new mailboxes installed after other residents had their mail stolen.

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Did you know? Homeowners must find their own water lines

It seems everyone has, or knows someone who has, a story about water troubles, some of which may involve not knowing where the water lines are on their property.

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Area kids shop with cops (Gallery, Video)

One little girl said that since her parents don’t have a lot and have to pay the bills with everything they get, she enjoyed being able to be one of the many kids who took part in the 19th Annual Shop with a Cop event on Saturday, Dec. 10 because she gets to help her family.

Channelization project begins at Viewpoint: Phase 2 of the work is the least expensive

Three monsoon seasons ago, a storm inundated the drainage of the Viewpoint corridor and people couldn’t get home for an hour or two, Prescott Valley Public Works Director Norm Davis said, noting that with every phase of the Viewpoint Drive Stormwater Channelization Improvements, the ability to manage the storm water through the drainage basin between Spouse Drive and Manley Drive.

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Prescott Valley Festival of Lights ushers in Christmas season

In reflecting on the season, Prescott Valley Mayor Harvey Skoog thought of America’s forefathers at the 2016 Festival of Lights.

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