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Campbell proposes one-cent sales tax for education

Prescott representative: 'If you've got a better idea, put it in writing'

PHOENIX – With a teacher pay plan eluding a deal and what he contends are unrealistic revenue estimates from Gov. Doug Ducey, a Prescott Republican lawmaker wants colleagues to consider a financial "bridge'' to provide immediate dollars.

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Lawmakers working to strike a deal before Thursday’s walkout, but say efforts may be futile

Top Republicans are huddling to see if they can reach an accord over the issue of teacher pay ahead of Thursday’s strike deadline, potentially forestalling or at least undermining the walkout.

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Senate votes to allow Department of Transportation to levy vehicle fees

PHOENIX — It could soon cost more to register your car or truck in Arizona.

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Former Secretary of State Bennett making bid for Arizona governor

Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett is going to try to keep incumbent Doug Ducey from once again being the Republican nominee for governor.

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House approves legislation clarifying where people can, can’t sell products and services in residential areas

State lawmakers are trimming the ability of cities and counties to keep people from running businesses out of their homes.

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Ducey wants budget that includes pay raises for teachers

Already fighting with educators over his pay hike plan, Gov. Doug Ducey opened a second front Friday, this time attacking members of his own Republican Party.

Senate panel voted to force some people to surrender weapons

A Senate panel voted 4-3 Thursday to allow judges to force some people to surrender their weapons — but only after a multi-step process that supporters say will protect due process rights.

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Teachers express overwhelming support for strike

Claiming overwhelming support, leaders of the #RedForEd movement called Thursday night called for a strike -- but not for another week.

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Governor signs bill outlawing ‘fake’ service animals

If you’ve been sneaking Fluffy into the grocery store with the claim that’s your service dog, you’ll soon have to make other arrangements for your pet.

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Teacher pay hike plan rejected by Arizona PTA

Calling the governor’s plan not sustainable, the Arizona PTA has withdrawn its backing for Gov. Doug Ducey’s teacher pay hike plan.

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Ducey plans to fund part of teacher pay increase with new form of gambling

Gov. Doug Ducey is hoping to fund part of his teacher pay package through a new form of gambling that may be illegal; is opposed by a key backer of the governor; and also could blow up the deal Arizona negotiated nearly two decades ago with Indian tribes.

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Jobs may be at risk if Arizona teachers walk out

Empowered by successful walkouts in other states, Arizona teachers began three days of voting Tuesday on whether to follow suit here.

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New Arizona law will impose fines for false service-animal claims

If you've been sneaking Fluffy into the grocery store with the claim that’s your service dog, you’ll soon have to make other arrangements for your pet.

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Educators to decide this week whether to strike

Calling the governor’s proposal inadequate, leaders of the #RedForEd movement have scheduled a vote this week to decide by Friday whether to strike.

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Teachers to vote on walkout; no proof money will be there for Ducey's pay pledge

PHOENIX - Calling the governor's proposal inadequate, leaders of the #RedForEd movement have scheduled a vote this week to decide whether to strike.

Lawmakers reject eye-movement tests for marijuana

Scottsdale firm wanted law amended to accept technology in cases of detecting drug use for dismissal

Unwilling to trust untested technology, state lawmakers voted Wednesday to block employers from firing workers based on their eye movements.

Gov. Ducey signs oversight for sober living homes bill

The state is going to get some new oversight of “sober living homes,’’ places where people can live while they are dealing with alcohol and drug abuse problems.

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Senate passes list of questions for abortion reasons up to Gov. Ducey’s desk

It is now up to Gov. Doug Ducey to decide whether women will be asked why they want an abortion.

Lawsuit seeks to block Census Bureau from adding citizenship question

With no action by the governor or attorney general, two Arizona residents filed suit Wednesday to block the Census Bureau from adding a citizenship question to decennial count.

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Ducey proposes 20% pay hike for teachers

Hoping to head off a walkout, Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled a plan Thursday he said will provide teachers the 20 percent pay hike they are demanding — by the 2020-21 school year.

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Governor seeking support for school safety

Hoping to corral the votes for his school safety plan, Gov. Doug Ducey has agreed to some changes in key provisions that would allow judges to take away someone’s guns, at least on a temporary basis.

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Ducey tackles teacher salaries

Gov. Doug Ducey won't meet with the leaders of two teacher groups to talk about salaries and related issues even as they are taking the first steps toward a walkout.

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Supreme Court rejects lower in-state tuition for Dreamers

Thousands of dreamers are going to have to pay more next year if they want to attend any of the state’s three universities or community colleges.

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Supreme Court rejects lower in-state tuition for Dreamers

PHOENIX — Thousands of dreamers are going to have to pay more next year if they want to attend any of the state's three universities or community colleges.

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Gov. Ducey deploys National Guard to border, defends his actions

Gov. Doug Ducey is defending his decision to deploy 338 National Guard soldiers to the border, saying it’s not about politics even as he boasted there is finally an administration in Washington that cares about the issue.

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Snowbowl attorney wants state Supreme Court to overturn ‘special harm’ ruling

Attorneys for Snowbowl are warning the Arizona Supreme Court that if they don’t overturn a ruling allowing the Hopi Tribe to sue over artificial snow they are opening the door to a flood of litigation.

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State justices say DACA not clear regarding Dreamers’ tuition

A claim that “Dreamers’’ are entitled to the same lower tuition as other Arizona residents drew a skeptical response last week by several justices of the state Supreme Court.

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Senate votes to make it illegal for anyone younger than 16 to wed

Bill would set marriage age at 16 for legally emancipated

Arizona is on the verge of finally setting a minimum age for marriage.

Arizona families spending less at grocery store than a year ago

Arizona families are probably spending a little bit less for groceries than they were a year ago.

Loss of jobs, disposable income a certainty if renewable energy ballot measure becomes law, study says

A study financed by Arizona’s largest electric company predicts a loss of jobs and disposable income if voters require utilities to get half their energy from renewable sources by 2030.

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AG: Census ‘overly politicized’

Brnovich, Ducey not joining lawsuit over citizenship question

Arizona’s top elected officials, both Republicans, are not going to join the lawsuit filed by Democrat officials in some states challenging the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census even though it could mean that Arizona won’t get its fair share of federal dollars and political representation.

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Only real service animals allowed

Those with ‘fraudulent’ service pets could face fines

State lawmakers are hoping to keep Fido and FiFi out of grocery stores, restaurants and airports if they have no legal right to be there.

Debt holders can own a firearm after bankruptcy

State senators voted Thursday to allow people seeking court approval to shed their debts to keep up to $2,000 worth of firearms.

Voters can’t outlaw trophy hunting

Arizona voters won’t get a chance to outlaw “trophy hunting’’ in the state, at least not this year.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in trouble for not protecting Mexican gray wolf

A federal judge has swatted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for not doing enough to ensure there is a viable population of the Mexican gray wolf in Arizona and New Mexico.

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State motto’s reference to the Almighty now protected in classrooms

House Democrats failed Tuesday in their bid to keep the name of the Almighty out of the classrooms — at least the English version.

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UA police officer may not face legal consequences after 2010 shooting

A University of Arizona police officer may not face legal consequences for shooting a woman in 2010 after the U.S. Supreme Court concluded Monday that there was evidence he is entitled to qualified immunity.

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Attorney: Prop. 123 money for schools may be illegal

No retroactive language to make Ducey’s withdrawal of state education funds OK

The attorney for the man who sued to overturn Proposition 123 said Tuesday he’s not buying the argument by Gov. Doug Ducey that last week’s congressional action makes the withdrawal of more than $344 million from the state education trust retroactively legal.

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Gov. Ducey rejects teachers’ call for 20% raises

Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday that teachers aren’t going to get the 20 percent pay hike they are demanding — not now and not in the foreseeable future.

Energy company working toward its own alternatives

Afraid that voters might like a renewable energy mandate, the state’s largest utility is working with lawmakers to put its own alternative on the November ballot.

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Teachers rallying in Phoenix call for 20% raises, call on state to restore per-pupil funding

Unwilling to wait on promises by the governor that things will get better eventually, teachers and their allies rallied at the Capitol Wednesday to demand a 20 percent pay hike.

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Gov. Ducey halts Uber self-driving vehicle testing in Arizona

Gov. Doug Ducey late Monday suspended the ability of Uber to continue testing its autonomous vehicles on Arizona roads.

Ducey signs new law designed to buck clean energy plan

A court challenge is expected

Ignoring last-minute requests for a veto, Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Friday to protect utilities from having to generate more of the power sold to their Arizona customers from renewable sources.

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Jobless rate up in Arizona, down in Yavapai County

The state’s jobless rate ticked up again in February for the second month in a row.

Finance committee votes to double what investors can deduct from state income

Arizona investors could soon be in line for a tax cut, with a big chunk of that going to 183 multi-millionaires.

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Fraud case versus commissioner hinges on lobbyist’s former wife

The legal fate of a former utility regulator, the head of a utility and a lobbyist facing bribery, conspiracy and fraud charges could depend on whether jurors believe the lobbyist’s former wife.

State lawmakers favor school boards to determine property needs

Five years ago Tucson Unified School District sold a no-longer-needed building to a developer for $1.6 million, $400,000 less than offered by a Christian school.

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Education sales tax gets 20-year extension

The state’s education sales tax — and the teacher salaries it supports — is not going away.

Will vouchers go back to voters?

Arizona voters will get the last word on expanding a program that gives parents money to send their children to private and parochial schools — unless Republican lawmakers take it away.

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Governor: Safe schools plan lacks checks due to database

Gov. Doug Ducey is defending his decision not to include universal background checks in his new school safety program.