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Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in Arizona since 1982, the last 26 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991. Fischer's news reports appear in daily and weekly newspapers around the state, and are heard on Arizona Public Radio.

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Uber pulls plug on tests of self-driving vehicles in Arizona

PHOENIX - Unable to currently test its self-driving vehicles in Arizona in the wake of a fatal mishap in March, Uber has decided to pull the plug on that program here.

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Evolution comes under fire in Arizona

The state’s top school official is trying to downplay — and in some cases remove entirely — references to evolution in the standards of what students are supposed to be taught in Arizona high schools.

Court rejects woman’s death benefits claim

Heterosexual couples that always have had the right to marry in Arizona are not entitled to the same benefits that the state provided to gay couples who were not at the time entitled to wed, the state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

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Gov. Ducey vetoes minimum liability insurance bill

Motorists are going to be able to operate their cars and trucks on Arizona roads with the same level of liability insurance they had to purchase in 1972.

Arizona unemployment rate reaches 4.9 percent; US at 3.9 percent

Arizona’s jobless rate is stalled - and at a rate higher than earlier this year -- even as the national figure continues to drop.

Judge: ‘No citizen has legal right to ignore, defy officer’ during traffic stop

Waiting until you’re on your own property before pulling over for police won’t save you from having you or your vehicle legally searched.

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Lawmakers attempting to bring Gov. Ducey back to the gun laws table

Democrat lawmakers are using Friday’s school shooting in Texas in a bid to get Gov. Doug Ducey to call lawmakers into special session to adopt new gun laws.

Unemployed workers must take job, or risk losing benefits after 4 weeks

Arizonans who don’t take pretty much any job after being out of work for at least four weeks will lose their unemployment benefits.

Lawsuit challenges referendum placed on November ballot

The author of Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Act wants a judge to block a vote on a plan by Republican lawmakers to take away some of the power of the commission that administers the program of public financing of candidates.

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Sidewalk robots are on the way

Coming soon to a sidewalk near you: 200 pound autonomous delivery robots.

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