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Birding: Bird watching in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, bird watching may not be one of the first things that comes to mind.

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Birding: Moores return to Prescott after completing birding adventure

Our last few days in Costa Rica involved more travel time and less birding.

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Birding column: New habitats, new bird sightings

Leaving the central, high-elevation volcanic region of Costa Rica, we headed east over the Continental Divide and entered the Caribbean lowland habitat.

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Birding: Bucket list birding in Costa Rica

The Jay’s Bird Barn/Prescott Audubon tour of Costa Rica began on Wednesday, Feb. 14, and I arrived two days earlier to do some birding on my own.

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Birding: Change of pace, change of venue

Last week I wrote about my experience seeing a snowy owl in Odessa, Texas.

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Birding: A cold and ‘snowy’ day in Texas

I usually divide our customers into two categories — those whom I affectionately refer to as ‘casual backyard birders,’ and those whom I call ‘field birders.’

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Birding: Fun loving ravens are fun to watch

One of the most abundant bird species in the West is the common raven.

Birding: Hummingbirds can survive the winter

The winter storm we had this past weekend provoked a flurry of emails from customers concerned for the hummingbirds in their yards.

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Birding: The bees are back

This week, I received an email from a customer with the following statement in the subject line, “The bees are back.”

Birding: Watering holes create a draw for wild birds

This past Saturday, I drove for almost two hours to reach my birding destination—a cattle tank in the Santa Maria Mountains, northwest of Prescott.

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Birding: Rockport Texas Christmas bird count

Last week I wrote about my experience birding in the Granite Basin area as part of the Prescott Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count.

Birding: Good morning turns into a disappointing afternoon

Last week I participated in the Prescott Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count.

Birding: Speed birding — it’s a rush

Earlier this week, I took the Jay’s Birds Barn truck down to Mesa for service.

Birding: Recent bird activity in the yard

Over the last several months, I have been working on creating a new bird feeding area in my yard—moving it from the back to the front yard.

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Birding: The importance of water in winter

As the weeks pass by, and our weather continues to be unseasonably warm and dry, I can’t help but think how much we need precipitation in any form—rain or snow.

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Birding: Birding in the Pacific Northwest

Greetings from Renton, Washington, just south of Seattle!

Birding: Birding results from Gilbert Water Ranch

This past week I led a Jay’s Bird Barn sponsored field trip to Gilbert Water Ranch.

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Recent nature sightings

This past Saturday I spent several hours doing yard work, and in the process saw bees, wasps and several species of butterflies.

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Birding: Eastern birds and ‘our’ western birds

Greetings from the Town of Herndon, Virginia, located in Fairfax County. For the past week, Gayla and I have been visiting our son, Jeremy, and his little family as we welcomed granddaughter number three — Virginia.

Birding: Photo contest results

This past week we tallied the votes for our annual wild bird photo contest at all three store locations, and it was interesting to see the results.

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Birding: Celebrating wild birds

On Tuesday of this week, I had a speaking engagement in Phoenix for the Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs at the Valley Garden Center, located less than a mile from the State Fairgrounds.

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Birding: Rare visitor shows up in Flagstaff

Early Monday morning as I was driving to Flagstaff for work, I received a phone call making me aware of a rare bird sighting at Frances Short Pond in Flagstaff.

Birding: Light jacket weather means more food for the birds

Weather-wise, I think October is my favorite month of the year.

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Birding: Industrious birds build nest in unusual location

We live in a day and age where there is a lot of pessimism, and a lot of bad news.

Birding: Birding on a bike

It is not uncommon for birding and nature festivals in Arizona to offer field trips where you can go birding on a bike, or on a bronco or by kayak.

Birding: Recent experiences in nature underscore the importance of being observant

In sports there is an expression of how important it is to “show up.” When it comes to wildlife observation, probably the most critical skill is to be observant.

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Birding: Native plants are for the birds

This has been a busy week for me with five speaking engagements.

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Birding: Subspecies within a species

When referencing field guides it is not uncommon to see wild bird species divided into subspecies, which are frequently referred to as “races.”

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Birding: Transient species are on the move — is that redundant?

As fall approaches, it is only a matter of weeks before some of our winter residents begin showing up — white-crowned sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, and yellow-rumped warblers.

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Birding: Controlling weeds without harming bird populations

At Jay’s Bird Barn, we get feedback every day from customers on the bird activity they are seeing in their yards.

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Birding: Midge flies benefit birds preparing to migrate

Last week I was in Provo, Utah, for a few days and had the opportunity to go bird watching at Utah Lake early one morning.

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Birding: Birding in Southeastern Arizona

This past week, I spent four days in Sierra Vista attending the Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival.

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Column: Blue birds of the Central Highlands

I enjoyed participating in the Sedona Hummingbird Festival this past week, and I am looking forward to seeing a lot of hummingbirds this week at the Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival in Sierra Vista.

Birding: Upcoming festivals provide opportunity to see hummingbirds

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is this weekend at the Sedona Performing Arts Center located at Sedona Red Rock High School.

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Birding: Monsoon rains provide welcome relief

If April showers bring May flowers, what do our summer monsoon rains bring?

Birding: Birds brighten and beautify our world

I saw a northern mockingbird in Prescott Valley earlier this week by the YEI! Antelope Point facility where our birdseed ingredients are stored.

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Birding: Impact of one plant species in a biotic community

This past week I was in Tucson for a few days enjoying a sibling reunion with my four sisters.

Birding: Rowdy roosting ravens raise a ruckus

Our home sits on a short cul-de-sac just off of Rosser Street. We have a very large ponderosa pine tree in our yard, which is quite unusual, as there are very few ponderosas in our neighborhood.

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Birding: Hummingbird nesting behavior

I have a friend who has been monitoring a hummingbird nest he discovered only a few feet off of the main trail at Lynx Lake

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Birding: The importance of water for wild birds in summer

The sudden arrival of summer-like weather has brought to mind the importance of water for wild birds.

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Birding: Baby birds face a lot of hazards

On Sunday, May 7, we found a tiny dead baby quail in our front yard.

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Birding: Bird-a-thon results by the numbers

Saturday, May 6th, Team Jay’s Bird Barn set out at 5:00 a.m. to begin our Bird-a-thon.

Birding: A successful week of birding at the Verde festival

I spent four days this past week at Dead Horse Ranch State Park participating in the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival.

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Birding: Nesting activity is in full swing

This past week, one of our employees led a free Jay’s Bird Barn bird walk to Stricklin Park and Thumb Butte.

Column: Birdathon fundraiser

The annual Prescott Audubon Society Birdathon will take place the first week of May.

Verde Valley Birding Festival is just around the corner

As spring progresses, migration activity continues to pick up. Already I am receiving reports from customers here in Prescott who are seeing orioles at their feeders.

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Column: Wrapping up Wickenburg

After writing last week’s column, I had three more days of birding left in the Wickenburg area, resulting in a variety of additional bird observations — some of which we did not see the previous week.

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Column: Week two in Wickenburg

In last week’s column I wrote about the first two days of last week’s Road Scholar birding program that I am leading for Northern Arizona University.

Birding in the Wickenburg area

Time flies when you are having fun bird watching!

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Column: Yard bird activity

For most people, there are reoccurring events in nature that serve as symbols for the arrival of spring.