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Dr. Ron Barnes

Stories by Dr. Ron

Barnes: Mother’s Day

It’s waking up sick and she was there holding my hand.

Barnes: Our country, right or wrong

I am increasingly concerned about what this nation has become — and is becoming.

Barnes: Are memories our most important possession?

What do each of us possess that may well be our most important possession? How about our memories?

Barnes: Thoughts on being a child

Rummaging through some old studies I have collected, I found one that deserves a revival.

Barnes: We are the sum of life choices we make

A Talmudic legend tells us that at a child’s conception, Leila, the angel of the night, brings the fetus before God.

Barnes column: Remembering my childhood days in Missouri

We’ve just experienced our first snow of the year and I hope all of us were grateful for the moisture, puny as it was.

Barnes Column: The inner self and sorrow

Travel back with me to the late ’30s.

Barnes Column: A few thoughts on the Games

Later this week the Olympic Games begin.

Column: The story

I suspect most of us can recall stories we heard or read back when we were youngsters.

Column: Lest we forget

If you are young, you need to know. If you are in your later years, it’s important to remember.

Column: It’s the day before Christmas

“It was the day before Christmas and all through the House and Senate. . . . “

Column: Remember those who made an impact

Let’s take a few minutes, shall we, to spend with our memories.

Column: ‘Well Being’

Remember that old saw, “We are our own worst enemy?”

Column: Understanding why they do it

When confronted with questions and uncertainty about the human condition, and specifically, why an individual would commit such a heinous act against innocent people

Column: Platitudes and banalities

“He is, you know, amazing!” In one short sentence I have included the three most frequently used words in most everyone’s vocabulary.

Column: Rational or irrational?

Remember Bertrand Russell’s statement? “It has been said that man is a rational animal.

Column: Wit

I love wit! I especially admire it when really hard times are hitting us.

Column: The human community

Over the past several weeks, so many families in Texas learned an important lesson about what it means to be citizens, neighbors and members of the human community.

Column: Life goals

“I hope my retirement years will be happy.” “I believe my retirement years will be fulfilling.” “I am convinced my retirement years will be enjoyable.” Hopes, beliefs and convictions.

Column: Aging and maturity

There is no question that many of us are old.

Column: Hungry kids

To all of you who have written checks and raised money to feed our hungry kids in the four adjoining public school districts, THANK YOU!

Column: Thoughts for Sunday morning

Among my favorite books in our library are those written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I never tire of re-reading them.

Column: Idols and heroes

Increasingly I am becoming troubled that far too many folks don’t know the difference between heroes and idols.

Column: Thoughts on becoming a gentle man

He swaggered out of the Palace Bar, obviously pleased with himself.

Column: Discovering value in solitude and loneliness

For many years and for many reasons I have appreciated solitude.

Column: Perfectionists

This is a column about perfectionists and imperfectionists.

Column: Fit to be committed

During the past few months I have shared with you some important lessons I have learned during my lifetime.

Column: Never forget, our children are watching us

Our children are watching … ... as we model the obligations of citizenship

Column: Whose day?

A few weeks ago we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was on my calendar! But for the life of me, I can’t find Father’s Day on the calendar.

Column: Life’s Lessons - Part 3

Here is the third, and final, column of significant lessons that have impacted my life.

Column: Life lessons, part two

As promised, here is the second column of significant lessons that have impacted my life.

Column: Looking back

I’ll soon be entering my 87th year on this magnificent rolling ball of a planet.

Column: Pondering quotas

I believe my car’s turn signal only has so many clicks in it.

Column: Nothing quite like a mom

It’s waking up sick and she’s there holding my hand.

Column: Things to know before you say ‘I do’

June is around the corner, a month when a great many weddings are scheduled.

Column: Understanding language means looking for the melody

When I was a kid, one of my heroes was Tom Sawyer. There were days when I thought about becoming Huck Finn, but I wasn’t cut out for the role.

Column: The lesson

It was my first year in graduate school. And my first class. The teacher introduced himself and I took an immediate dislike of him.

Column: A life lesson

Travel back with me to January 1942.

Column: Spring is calling, celebrate by climbing a tree

I love spring; always have. Especially when I was a kid, growing up in Kansas City.

Column: Books are no longer the treasure they once were

Increasingl, I am developing and reaffirming an insight which is abhorrent to me.

Column: Childish envy in the adult world

Ah, the wonderful world of children! And how much we can learn from them.

Column: High performers

I’ve been lucky during my life to work with and know a number of high performers.

Column: Odds & ends

Here is a series of random and, hopefully, relevant thoughts about issues that have recently caught my attention.

Column: Different languages in America

During the past several years I have spent considerable time thinking about immigrants.

Column: Birth order - part II

First a personal note: On behalf of my family, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the many of you who wrote personal notes following the death of My Beloved, sent checks to support the Betsy and Ron Barnes Youth Scholarship and/or attended the Celebration of Life gathering on Saturday morning, Feb. 4.

Column: MLK Jr.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Column: You, me and us

Remember when you first laid eyes on the person who became your husband or wife?

Column: Citizenship reclaimed

Let’s listen for a moment to Lao Tzu who wrote these words 600 years before the birth of Christ:

Column: Rebirth

As we awaken this day from our warm beds And eat our hurried breakfasts Before sitting by the Christmas tree To give gifts to each other, Let’s take a moment to reflect

Column: Quotes I love

I think it’s time for you and me to lighten up, so I decided to turn my limited attention span to humor.