Dr. Ron Barnes

Dr. Ron Barnes is a columnist for The Daily Courier.

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Column: The lesson

It was my first year in graduate school. And my first class. The teacher introduced himself and I took an immediate dislike of him.

Column: A life lesson

Travel back with me to January 1942.

Column: Spring is calling, celebrate by climbing a tree

I love spring; always have. Especially when I was a kid, growing up in Kansas City.

Column: Books are no longer the treasure they once were

Increasingl, I am developing and reaffirming an insight which is abhorrent to me.

Column: Childish envy in the adult world

Ah, the wonderful world of children! And how much we can learn from them.

Column: High performers

I’ve been lucky during my life to work with and know a number of high performers.

Column: Odds & ends

Here is a series of random and, hopefully, relevant thoughts about issues that have recently caught my attention.

Column: Different languages in America

During the past several years I have spent considerable time thinking about immigrants.

Column: Birth order - part II

First a personal note: On behalf of my family, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the many of you who wrote personal notes following the death of My Beloved, sent checks to support the Betsy and Ron Barnes Youth Scholarship and/or attended the Celebration of Life gathering on Saturday morning, Feb. 4.

Column: MLK Jr.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

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