Dr. Ron Barnes

Dr. Ron Barnes is a columnist for The Daily Courier.

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Column: Lest we forget

If you are young, you need to know. If you are in your later years, it’s important to remember.

Column: It’s the day before Christmas

“It was the day before Christmas and all through the House and Senate. . . . “

Column: Remember those who made an impact

Let’s take a few minutes, shall we, to spend with our memories.

Column: ‘Well Being’

Remember that old saw, “We are our own worst enemy?”

Column: Understanding why they do it

When confronted with questions and uncertainty about the human condition, and specifically, why an individual would commit such a heinous act against innocent people

Column: Platitudes and banalities

“He is, you know, amazing!” In one short sentence I have included the three most frequently used words in most everyone’s vocabulary.

Column: Rational or irrational?

Remember Bertrand Russell’s statement? “It has been said that man is a rational animal.

Column: Wit

I love wit! I especially admire it when really hard times are hitting us.

Column: The human community

Over the past several weeks, so many families in Texas learned an important lesson about what it means to be citizens, neighbors and members of the human community.

Column: Life goals

“I hope my retirement years will be happy.” “I believe my retirement years will be fulfilling.” “I am convinced my retirement years will be enjoyable.” Hopes, beliefs and convictions.

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