Dr. Ron Barnes

Dr. Ron Barnes is a columnist for The Daily Courier.

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Column: Hungry kids

To all of you who have written checks and raised money to feed our hungry kids in the four adjoining public school districts, THANK YOU!

Column: Thoughts for Sunday morning

Among my favorite books in our library are those written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I never tire of re-reading them.

Column: Idols and heroes

Increasingly I am becoming troubled that far too many folks don’t know the difference between heroes and idols.

Column: Thoughts on becoming a gentle man

He swaggered out of the Palace Bar, obviously pleased with himself.

Column: Discovering value in solitude and loneliness

For many years and for many reasons I have appreciated solitude.

Column: Perfectionists

This is a column about perfectionists and imperfectionists.

Column: Fit to be committed

During the past few months I have shared with you some important lessons I have learned during my lifetime.

Column: Never forget, our children are watching us

Our children are watching … ... as we model the obligations of citizenship

Column: Whose day?

A few weeks ago we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was on my calendar! But for the life of me, I can’t find Father’s Day on the calendar.

Column: Life’s Lessons - Part 3

Here is the third, and final, column of significant lessons that have impacted my life.

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