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Got a drone for Christmas? Experts say new users should keep a few things in mind

Irritated? Shooting one down 'is not an option,' City Attorney says

If it’s not a bird, and it’s not a plane, that buzz you hear overhead could very well be a drone.

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Prescott is among Expedia’s ‘places to see’ in 2018

Once again, Prescott is having a moment on a national listing. This week, the Expedia Viewfinder travel blog chose Prescott as the only Arizona destination to be included in its “18 Cities That Must Be Seen in 2018.”

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Literary passions translate to national honors for local staffers

Two local librarians add to Prescott Library’s reading selections

Thanks to two long-time employees at the Prescott Public Library, patrons have a wide selection of sometimes hard-to-find reading categories: graphic novels, and audiobooks for young adults and children.

Prescott considers changing fees for false alarms

City unlikely to adopt ‘verified alarm response’

Mandatory free registration and an accelerated false-alarm fine schedule could be in store for users of security alarms in Prescott.

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Prescott moves ahead with second stage of dam repair at Watson Lake

Council approves $939,000 valve- rehab project

For 99 years, valves on the Granite Creek Dam have allowed water to be released from Watson Lake — originally for irrigation purposes, and more recently, for recharging the aquifer.

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New trailhead helps old favorite draw more folks

Constellation Trail quickest way to reach Granite Dells

It’s already the go-to trail for Prescott residents wanting to show off the area’s beauty to visiting family and friends.

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Highway 89 construction to continue

Current project more than half complete; next postponed until spring

With about 60 percent of the city’s $5.1 million Highway 89 widening project now behind it, the community can expect the conclusion by about May or June.

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Council to vote on Watson Lake dam repair

Project could cost city nearly $1 million

A nearly $1 million dam repair at Watson Lake, and a $21.6 million loan for the wastewater treatment system work will be among the issues that Prescott City Council members will deal with this week.

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Nearly 200 pedestrians, cyclists have been hit on Prescott streets since 2013

Watch where you walk and ride

Anyone who has walked or cycled the streets of Prescott probably has a close-call story: The time a right-turning vehicle nearly hit them in a crosswalk, or the time a vehicle turned left directly in front of an oncoming bicycle rider.

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Mechanic sues Prescott for city water to serve Overland Trail development

Proceeds from development would go to charity, he says

Typically, when local water advocate Howard Mechanic deals with the City of Prescott, his focus is on conserving the area’s water.

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City to businesses: Get licensed

First year of Prescott business licenses ends; now renewal process begins

Even as the New Year closes out the City of Prescott’s first year of business licenses, it also kicks off a new phase: Renewal for the thousands who have already signed up.

As of Monday, Prescott sales tax will grow to 2.75 percent

New PSPRS tax goes into effect Jan. 1

A new sales tax that is expected to generate more than $11 million per year is set to go into effect Monday, Jan. 1.

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Prescott to continue deploying high security measures

Police to propose more bollards to city leaders

The cost of expanding security for Prescott’s recent Christmas events: $9,128.

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Prescott Creeks works to pick up the pieces after fire destroys log-cabin office

For nearly 60 years, the rustic log cabin has stood as a landmark along Highway 89, blending pleasantly into the nearby Watson Woods.

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City looks to scale back street projects

City: ‘Right-sizing’ will allow more projects

Extensive underground drainage work, decorative colored concrete, and new trees could be among the components that will go away in coming City of Prescott street projects.

New council rules will reduce time for speakers

Rules will discourage public participation, say some residents

Residents planning to speak during a Prescott City Council meeting will have a few new rules to comply with in the New Year.

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PSPRS unfunded liability grows to $86.4M

Total does not reflect city’s recent payments from reserve fund

The good news: 2017 is perhaps the last year that the City of Prescott’s unfunded liability with the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) will grow. The bad news: The city’s level of debt in the public safety pension system now totals about $86.4 million — up nearly $8 million from the $78.5 million liability in the previous year.

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Willow Lake Loop gets premier designation

State recognizes 5.7 trail that is fully accessible for first time in months

It’s urban, yet secluded. Leafy and shady, yet rocky and scenic. While the Willow Lake Loop trail is sometimes overshadowed by the showier Watson Lake trail system nearby, its 5.7 miles are arguably more varied, more accessible, and just as picturesque.

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Council to discuss future airport improvements

‘Right-sizing’ city street projects also on city agenda

Direction on the future of the Prescott Airport’s runway and terminal will be among the topics the Prescott City Council will consider during a full day of meetings this week.

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‘The Last Jedi’ delivers for local crowd

Special screening of latest Star Wars movie treats Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters

The verdict is in on the new Star Wars movie — at least among local Little Brothers and Sisters and their “Bigs.”

Changes in floodplain maps coming; are you in or out?

Could bring new flood-insurance requirements for property owners

The dynamic course of Prescott’s creeks could mean floodplain changes this spring for area property owners – some that will be good news, and some that likely will not.

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#MeToo movement reaches the steps of county courthouse

For years, they felt their stories weren’t “bad enough” to mention.

Attorney cautions council members against ‘unwelcome conduct’

Council, staff get extra training to prevent harassment

With new sexual harassment claims coming to light nationally on a sometimes-daily basis, the City of Prescott has taken note.

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City liquor license fee goes away

Bars and restaurants will have $662 less in expenses in 2018

Maintaining that the fee amounted to double, if not triple, taxation, the Prescott City Council did away with its decades-old liquor-license fee this week.

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Liquor license fee up for elimination by new Prescott Council

Prevention of workplace harassment also on council agenda

An 84-year-old city liquor-license fee could go away this week, depending on the decision of the newly seated Prescott City Council.

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Lawsuit over campaign flyers ends in settlement

The August lawsuit that Prescott mayoral candidate Mary Beth Hrin filed claiming defamation was settled this week, although the terms of the settlement are confidential.

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Christmas Parade will feature grand marshal atop stagecoach

Inaugural Grand Marshal Gala honored this year’s marshal, Tommy Meredith

For years, Tommy Meredith had a prime spot for watching the Prescott Christmas Parade: The balcony of the Jersey Lilly Saloon, the Whiskey Row bar he owned for more than a decade and a half.

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'Central Park of Prescott'

New open space purchase will preserve nearly a mile of frontage along Peavine Trail

Before she was old enough to saddle up her own horse, Virginia (Storm) Seaver relied on the granite formations on the family ranch to help her mount the horses she rode bareback.

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Purchase expands Prescott’s Granite Dells open areas

With a 160-acre purchase this week, the City of Prescott has added considerably to its Granite Dells-area open-space holdings.

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Council approves Deep Well Ranch

Master plan, development agreement, airport plan approved in 6-1 votes

Five months of review, dozens of hours of public discussion, and nearly 140 comments from the public culminated this week with Prescott City Council approval of the Deep Well Ranch project.

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Scholl brings a young person’s concerns to Prescott City Council

Not your stereotypical 20-year-old

Alexa Scholl knows that her recent run for Prescott City Council generated plenty of curiosity in the community. The 20-year-old experienced it again and again on the campaign trail, where she fielded numerous comments on her young age.

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Diverse group of council members set to be sworn in on Tuesday

New mayor to keep full-time job, plus role on school board

This week’s swearing-in of new Prescott City Council members will welcome a varied group that spans age, experience, and careers.

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Vote on Deep Well Ranch project could be next week

Majority of City Council wants to move forward, mayor says

Despite an effort by Mayor Harry Oberg to allow more time for review of the Deep Well Ranch project, it appears that a majority of Prescott City Council members want to proceed with a possible vote on Nov. 28.

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From tragedy comes a place to start healing

Project Andrew, Healing Haven spring up in Prescott neighborhood

No strangers to tragedy, Jenn Winters-Ashcraft and Tom Ashcraft have become well aware of an unfilled need in the community: Help in dealing with after-effects of grief and loss.

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Deal made for fewer homes at Deep Well Ranch

Agreement touches on maximum homes, street construction, open space

Under a development agreement drafted between the City of Prescott and Deep Well Ranch developers, a maximum of 8,000 homes would be allowed on the 1,800-acre property — “until such time as” an alternative water source is acquired.

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City/Forest Service collaboration completes new stretch of trail along Prescott loop

Streamlining the Circle Trail

No sooner had a group of hard-hatted volunteers scaled the steep, rough ravine off Senator Highway than sounds of metal hitting rock and dirt filled the air.

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New book chronicles Yarnell Fire tragedy ground zero

Couple survived fire inside Glen Ilah-area ranch house

As the Yarnell Hill Fire raged around and over the top of them, Diane and Lee Helm took refuge in their ranch house perched among the boulders.

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After a year, Prescott has licensed 3,826 businesses

Second phase involves visiting businesses to ensure compliance

As the first year of requiring Prescott businesses to be licensed comes to a close, the city is nearing the 4,000-license mark.

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City: Developers pay ‘fair share’ of road work

Question arises over mechanism used to determine how much is fair

Who pays for road and intersection improvements that will be needed in the future as the community grows?

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Prescott Council to look at Deep Well's engineering, traffic

Manager: Current members want to complete review before leaving office

Engineering and traffic for the proposed Deep Well Ranch will top the agenda for the Prescott City Council this week.

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Friends group starts drive for new airport terminal

Group starts $3M campaign to replace main terminal

For years, the nearly septuagenarian terminal at the Prescott Airport has been eyed for modernization.

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Acker Park monument pays tribute to early Prescott family

Tenneys played key roles in the development of this region

He was a mover and shaker in Prescott for much of the latter 20th century; she was the “miracle worker” behind the scenes.

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City Council order changes in ‘unofficial final’ vote count

Scholl is new top vote-getter in council race; Mengarelli is winner in mayor’s race

With the “unofficial final” election results that were posted late Wednesday, Nov. 8, the Prescott City Council race has a new top vote-getter.

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Deep Well water right cannot be ‘unilaterally changed’

1,800-acre project generates 70 written comments from public

Dozens of comments have flooded Prescott City Hall in recent months — many with the same basic message: Vote “no” on the Deep Well project.

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Prescott’s diminishing ‘general pool’ of water

Along with questions about homes per acre and water rights for the Deep Well Ranch project, a concern arose this week about tying up so much of the city’s available water on one project.

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Mengarelli elected mayor; Goode, Scholl, Blair win seats on Prescott council

Prescott voters stuck to their City Council choices over the past month and a half: The four top vote-getters on primary night went on to win in the general election, in exactly the same order.

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Council to ponder water for Deep Well Ranch

Tuesday’s work study second looking at 1,800-acre project

Water allocations for the proposed Deep Well Ranch project will be among the topics discussed during a Prescott City Council study session this week.

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3 days remain to vote in city election

45 percent of voters have already cast ballots

Nearly half of Prescott voters have already cast their ballots, and the rest have three days remaining to vote in the Nov. 7 general election.

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Prescott’s campaign spending tops $200K

Mayor’s race more than doubles amount raised in previous elections

Money continued to flow into and out of the Prescott Mayor and City Council campaigns in the final weeks before the Nov. 7 general election.

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Council to move ahead on Deep Well

Development agreement will get public airing, says city attorney

Despite a looming change of leadership in late November, consideration of the Deep Well Ranch master plan will move ahead under the current Prescott City Council.