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1:45 AM Wed, Sept. 19th

Christy Powers, All About Pets Columnist

Christy Powers is a freelance writer whose passion is studying and writing about pet health, nutrition and training. She can be reached at:

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Powers: Training your dog: Keep it simple, keep it fun!

Whether we are gone all day or we are home most of the time but busy, our dogs are leading a rather boring existence. They are not out protecting our sheep or herding the cattle. While we are reading the paper or watching the news, they are napping.

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Powers: You get what you pay for — read the label

Whether it is for the people or pets in your household, when choosing any food, it is very important to read the label on the bag, box or container.

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Powers: Less food, more exercise is good advice for our pets, too

In a recent discussion with my veterinarian — asking if she is seeing more obese dogs and cats, she answered — yes, but she added that the pet owners are often heavier also.

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All About Pets: Make mealtime special

Do your dogs sit and watch you fix their meals? Mine do. They want to make sure I do it right. Mealtime is special at our house. I think it should be. But if it is going to be special, it has to be good, and healthy!

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All About Pets: Importance of crate training

After hearing non-stop about the devastating fires in California and the massive numbers of people and their pets being evacuated, I am reminded of the importance of crate training.

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All About Pets: Exercise and training

Exercise — we all need it, right? But do we all get it — and do our dogs get enough of it? Particularly when it is so very hot. Also, many dogs are left alone all day out of necessity

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All Bout Pets: An exciting new venture

I am excited to begin this new adventure. This is the very first pet column, written by me, for The Daily Courier.

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